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  1. Mystic Rhythms

    Upcoming UAW Strike

    Tax free!
  2. Mystic Rhythms

    What's your favorite low-cost Amazon upgrade?

    I bought and connected this adapter. Does anyone know why I have to turn wi-fi on for it to work? I understand having Bluetooth on, it is a Bluetooth adapter after all, it just doesn't make sense to me to have to have wi-fi on. I never have it on otherwise.
  3. Mystic Rhythms

    Conspiracies - theory or fact?

    Pink Floyd tried to tell everyone.
  4. Mystic Rhythms

    2021 Ram 8.4 music from flash drive

    I was having the same problem for a while. Then I read a thread somewhere on this site that said to make sure your music is not organized in folders. Changed my set up and it has worked for me. It does still do that every once in a great while, but not every time.
  5. Mystic Rhythms


    About 90 miles north of you in Spokane. Or, Compton north if you prefer.
  6. Mystic Rhythms


    I follow - MLB - Mariners NFL - Seahawks NCAA Football - Washington State University - after next year 25% of the PAC 4 NCAA hoops (a little) - Gonzaga I need to get into the NHL but I just haven't yet. I might follow the NBA if the Sonics come back but frankly that isn't really basketball...
  7. Mystic Rhythms

    TV shows & movies

    Haven't watched Joe Pickett yet but I've read all the books. A little worried about how they will adapt it. Reacher is pretty good. As is Jack Ryan. We love The Great - very loosely based on Catherine the Great of Russia. Fubar is stupid but fun.
  8. Mystic Rhythms

    Ramcares repair scam\fraud

    Apparently you can get a real good price on Bud Light right now, if you consider that a beer.
  9. Mystic Rhythms

    Funny Memes or Pictures or Political, Rants, etc.

    If this happened in a blue state the owner will probably be charged with assault.
  10. Mystic Rhythms

    Conspiracies - theory or fact?

    It's always interesting to note that the group that claims to be all about inclusion refers to people with other ideas as fascists. Total inclusion as long as you believe what they believe.
  11. Mystic Rhythms

    Funny Memes or Pictures or Political, Rants, etc.

    I made it about 20 seconds. The retching lasted longer.
  12. Mystic Rhythms

    Anyone ever install front tow hooks?

    From about 2001 - 2008 I had a '66 Mustang. My starter went out eventually. I was a member of a Mustang forum and there were many people there saying that all the parts shops had the starters wrong. If you had a manual you had to tell them it was an automatic and vice versa. I trusted the people...
  13. Mystic Rhythms

    If not a Ram, then what?

    If you are looking to downsize you might want to see what the rumored Dakota is all about if you can hold off the itch to make a change that long. I had a 2019 Colorado and it just didn't do it for me. Cheap feeling interior is what turned me off. I do understand that they have made some changes...
  14. Mystic Rhythms

    Opinions Wanted, Exhaust Tips

    It really depends on what your truck looks like. If it is blacked out I would go with the powder coat. If it has a bunch of chrome, then chrome.
  15. Mystic Rhythms

    Ram's everywhere

    I was just talking about this with my wife last week. I see more Rams than any other truck, at least if you are talking less than 15 years old.
  16. Mystic Rhythms

    Anyone built a new garage recently?

    Outlets. Lots and lots of outlets. Put in what you think you will and then add more, they are cheap to install and so handy. Don't forget about the outside either, I can't tell you how limiting my current setup is due to lack of easy access to outlets.
  17. Mystic Rhythms

    Hypothetical scenarios. What would you do?

    If you are thinking about forgoing your "must haves", then they aren't must haves.