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  1. GP-TEK

    Spare Tire

    Welcome Nehal. Let us know it this works. I may get an OEM rim and keep it in the bed. I have a truck cap so there is room.
  2. GP-TEK

    No full size spare on a 2021 1500 Limited with 20inch package?

    I went to get tires and (well wife did) and so inquired about the spare under the truck and the guy said it was not a full size and we would need a rim and a tire and THAT would not fit under the bed? She is not yet home. Is this true?
  3. GP-TEK

    Added some reverse lights today

    How can you Fix Radio Interference from LED Lights?
  4. GP-TEK

    Added some reverse lights today

    Great info. Thank for sharing!!
  5. GP-TEK

    Added some reverse lights today

    Looks awesome. Question: does the mopar trailer connection still work? I did not know you could connect it from the inside. Much cleaner.
  6. GP-TEK

    1500 Limited 4WD coming from a Rubicon. Questions!

    Thanks CMil527! I need to figure out how you guys do those long signature posts describing all your mods! Love it!
  7. GP-TEK

    1500 Limited 4WD coming from a Rubicon. Questions!

    Thank you Lufty. Says you are banned. Not used to the site yet. Hopefully you are not.
  8. GP-TEK

    1500 Limited 4WD coming from a Rubicon. Questions!

    Thanks for all the tips TNRamGuy!! I will save this post and purchase accordingly. Will look into the light bulb thing.
  9. GP-TEK

    1500 Limited 4WD coming from a Rubicon. Questions!

    Greetings fellow RAM owners. Love all generations. Considering a Diesel in the future (old school one). Questions: I hear about tints then the word ceramic.. ? Two different things? 2020 Limited 1500 4x4 Hemi with eTorque have that AT&T hotspot? Figure you have to pay for that. Any way to turn...
  10. GP-TEK

    Vent shade hood wind deflector with LED lights like a 2500.

    Thoughts? Truck is perfect but I wouldn’t mind some extra lights for when I am on the road.
  11. GP-TEK

    I got some TRX take offs on my Rebel

    Love the user name. Matches the truck. Also you are using the British spelling. Extra different. I love take offs. Had a guy with a brand new Rubicon JL take off his rims and wheels. I jumped on that as well as his shocks and cool springs for my LJ. Have yet to install the suspension. It was...
  12. GP-TEK

    Wireless Apple CarPlay 2022 Ram UConnect

    What minor issues are you having?
  13. GP-TEK

    New Owner from NC

    Congratulations brother! My first RAM as well. We love it. I will look into the mods you did.
  14. GP-TEK

    FCA used "Bait & Switch" on new vehicle rebate!

    I can understand both points of views. OP did want to get away from the rotary knob and add features, then again, he was promised $1,750. I say, if you have a little spare time, do as the other poster said and pursue it via government agencies. At the same time, watch your blood pressure. You...
  15. GP-TEK

    Need help deciding on tires!

    Coopers are great and American made. That said, they wear a little fast. I am in CA (for now) so hit Snow and Dirt so they work for me. Now looking at your situation, my stocks, while they looked more “street”, they did well in Tahoe snow and excellent on our road trips to SoCal and up to...
  16. GP-TEK

    Aftermarket Rear Bed Step

    Thanks John! Will look into those.
  17. GP-TEK

    Need help deciding on tires!

    Any rain or snow?
  18. GP-TEK

    Anti Theft for 2022' 1500 Limited

    Late to the party, but I like the idea of a fake ODB2 port. May have to grab one off a junk yard and place in stock location and move the real one somewhere else.
  19. GP-TEK

    Where to put the dog…..

    Sorry for your loss OP. I will still post this for other folks. I hate loosing a Dog. AreA Topper with bed rug and rug on ceiling. Aluminum dog guards on both windows. Led lights and USB 12 V DC for accessories like fans to circulate the air. I run full AC and have the window open from cab to...