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  1. Jared B

    Not receiving notifications again

    They will be back soon. We just got the site moved to a new server due to all the server error issues and are currently in the process of moving the mail server over as well.
  2. Jared B

    We bought a new truck!

    A few weeks ago I picked up a new 2022 Ram 1500 Limited to replace my 2021 F-150 Platinum Powerboost hybrid. Here is a quick overview of our truck, with a lot more to come.
  3. Jared B

    Adaptive Headlights…can you tell?

    I think you need to be over a certain speed for them to work, although I can't remember what that is. That said I had a 2020 Longhorn and never noticed them move either and yes I made sure they were enabled as well, then I bought a 2020 3500 Limited and it was very evident when they moved. Now...
  4. Jared B

    Welcome our new moderators

    No, no risk at all. I would just recommend not clicking the links in the spam posts for obvious reasons.
  5. Jared B

    Welcome our new moderators

    I'm WFH today which is nice. Saw your message on Facebook when I got up in the middle of the night and decided to go deal with it so told my boss I was going to try working from home today since I'm beat. Good news is in June when I move into my new home I will be working from home 2-3 days a...
  6. Jared B

    Welcome our new moderators

    Absolutely the mods have been doing a great job and they catch a lot of heat sometimes that is totally undeserved.
  7. Jared B

    Welcome our new moderators

    I just wanted to publicly welcome and thank @Brutal_HO @djevox @Eighty and @HSKR R/T for volunteering to help assist our existing moderators with the forum. The site has definitely grown a lot since we have added any moderators and everyone helping out should definitely help with the spam situation.
  8. Jared B

    spam posts

    I have just made some captcha changes both here and on HDRams which will hopefully stop the spammers if not slow them down. Unfortunately, you can't catch them all, the site checks new registrations against the stopforumspam database, DNS blacklist, project honeypot, and of course a captcha...
  9. Jared B


    On it thanks guys, we are currently having issues with our email server so any emails to the 5thgenrams domain aren't coming through. That issue should be resolved shortly.
  10. Jared B

    2022 RAM 1500

    2023 will be the refresh. We are working on an article with everything we know coming shortly.
  11. Jared B

    Paid for pro and cannot upload multiple photos

    Does it work if you're using the forum itself as opposed to Tapatalk?
  12. Jared B

    New site functionality, ability to ask question and best answer can be voted to the top

    We have made some changes and now in relevant forum sections, you have the ability to ask a question and the community can now vote the best answer to the top of the thread. To do this, create a new thread and you will see 3 tabs at the top, click on question and then post your thread as normal...
  13. Jared B

    Welcome Chrysler Factory Warranty as a site sponsor

    I just wanted to take a minute and welcome @Chrysler-Factory-Warranty as a new site sponsor to 5thGenRams. Their banner should now be visible on the site vendors widget on the side of your screen and they have a forum section located here...
  14. Jared B

    We are back!

    Yeah that most likely would have been a caching thing, let me know if it isn't resolved for you though.
  15. Jared B

    We are back!

    Is it possible to screen shot that and post it here or send it to me?
  16. Jared B

    We are back!

    I didn't take it that way so no worries there. Honestly, there were some times I thought of it but was so deep in server configuration etc I just said screw it because I didn't want to get out of the "zone" so to speak.
  17. Jared B

    We are back!

    I just wanted to follow up and say that the email issue is resolved now as well. I agree I probably should have put something up on the front page and or the Facebook page as well and will wear that mistake.
  18. Jared B

    We are back!

    Still tweaking the configuration a bit. It should be much faster now.
  19. Jared B

    We are back!

    Alright guys we are back after a pretty crazy few days. To simplify what happened, I was doing some work on the back end of the websites, at that same time a forced database upgrade came out that caused issues for certain versions of software that we just happened to be running. That couple...
  20. Jared B


    Fantastic idea. Done, now there is just a link to click on to view signatures in a pop up box.