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  1. th3duke

    2021 Rebel Air Suspension option - yay or nay

    That's one opinion... I have not any issues with it and don't have a backup vehicle either.
  2. th3duke

    2021 Rebel Air Suspension option - yay or nay

    I love my Air suspension - this is my second Ram with it and couldn't go without it. The reason I chose the Air ride is for the following reasons: loading and unloading "anything" into or out of the box is a breeze, attach and detach my 21ft deck boat make's it very easy and the ride is superior...
  3. th3duke

    2021 Rebel Air Suspension option - yay or nay

    I live in Quebec, and have extreme lows and never had an issue.
  4. th3duke

    How to soft reset 12”UConnect

    I'm having the same static issue on my 8.4, and tried resolving it based on your experiences (spent 30 minutes doing the same thing over and over), and it didn't resolve my static issue. I have static on every input including NAV, Phone; guess I have to take it to the dealer which really sucks...
  5. th3duke

    Truck dead

    Just an update on this, the truck was at the dealer for 6 days to try and resolve this issue. There was quite a bit of troubleshooting involved but apparently there was a pinched wire that they had to fix...
  6. th3duke

    Static on any input - NAV and Phone included - Uconnect 8.4 Alpine

    Hi Everyone, I used my truck this morning to go to work, and everything was fine with my Uconnect; but when I got into the truck to go home tonight I get static on any input (SXM, FM, AM, Media, NAV and Phone). I noticed someone posted a similar issue for the Uconnect 12, but I'm wondering if...
  7. th3duke

    Speaker static

    Bump, all of my inputs have static today, including NAV and phone. It was fine this morning... Is there a way to reset the Uconnect?
  8. th3duke

    Dead battery, now ABS, ESC, etc. lights on.

    Actually all my lights stayed when I boosted it to drive it to the dealership, everything in the truck was wonkie (no more backup camera, no more Serius xm) and by the time I got to the dealership, the only light that stayed on was the check engine light if I remember correctly - the two other...
  9. th3duke

    Dead battery, now ABS, ESC, etc. lights on.

    A few of us had the problem, some never had the problem happen again, but in my case it happened 3 times. It's currently at the dealer waiting for a "PDC" (Power Distribution Centre). Apparently the part is on backorder.
  10. th3duke

    Extended Warranty (Gold Plan Canada) buyer beware!

    Hi everyone, I purchased the extended warranty for my '19 RAM (415 Plan), as I did when I purchased my 2015 RAM. I purchased it again since my 2015 Ecodiesel and Air Ride was relatively new tech in 2015, and given all the electronics in these vehicles; it definitely seemed like a wise choice...
  11. th3duke

    Heart broken...

    Sorry to hear that man.... That's freakin' horrible! I believe in Karma, and those little faulkers will eventually get theirs.
  12. th3duke

    2 week old Limited DEAD

    The dealership called me today, and apparently the "PDC" (Power Distribution Centre) is faulty. The part is on backorder (5 to 10 business days), and as luck would have it I had just purchased the 415 plan - so they'll have to provide me with a rental. I'll let you guys know if that fixes the...
  13. th3duke

    My 2019 Rebel

    Your build sheet looks good, but this has got to be wrong: 3.21 rear axle ratio (Whatttt?)
  14. th3duke

    2 week old Limited DEAD

    I had the same problem (non-etorque), it was dead, boosted it, brought it to the dealer - even though there was codes, the battery recharged itself, and they couldn't find anything wrong. 5 days go by, took for a short trip and leave it for about 3 hours - come out to start the truck and the...
  15. th3duke

    Truck dead

    Well, after getting it boosted the other day, the battery recharged and they couldn't find anything. Yesterday it happened again, so I got it towed. They replaced the battery yesterday, and it worked fine on my short trip last night. Tried starting it this morning and the battery is...
  16. th3duke

    Aftermarket Tie Down

    Hi everyone, I moved my son last week and noticed that my RAM didn't have upper tie down hooks - I don't know what the heck RAM was thinkin' (my 2015 had the same issue). Anyway I can across the Bull Ring product : Bull Ring 1066 I was wondering if anyone else had some suggestions for tie...
  17. th3duke

    Truck dead

    I'm currently stuck on at my friends house right now - the truck started fine this morning, went to my friends for about 3 hours and now have to find a booster pack that will be strong enough to jump start it. Fun, fun, fun... Something definitely drained the battery.
  18. th3duke

    Air Suspension - Tow in Aero Mode?

    My 0.02 CDN pennies worth. My truck would go down to Aero mode automatically when towing (this was the 2015 Outdoorsman). Hence I would suggest that it can't cause any damage towing in Aero mode - besides the Rebel is already 1" higher in NRH and .6" lower in Aero - so why not tow in this mode...
  19. th3duke

    My 2019 Rebel review

    Nice review, and very happy it met (or exceeded) your expectations - I really love my new Rebel, RAM definitely hit it out of the park with this trim IMO.
  20. th3duke

    MPG effect of 3.92 rear end

    I really like the 3.92. You definitely can't go wrong with the 3.92 if you're towing - the extra 3000# of towing capability makes it a no brainer IMO. I had a 2017 Sierra and really love the way this pulls compared to my GMC as well - it just feels peppier and better planted.