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  1. brian.brabeau

    Mopar or AMP Research? Which would you get?

    I wanted to get the mopar steps for my 22 Laramie, but 2 different dealers argued and said they were not available for my truck?? I had the amp steps installed a couple weeks ago and have zero complaints.
  2. brian.brabeau

    Anyone come from a 2014-2018 Silverado/Sierra

    Traded in my 2018 Sierra with the 6.2 for a 22 Laramie GT. I actually loved the GMC except for the transmission, which was the reason I traded it. The Ram's interior and 8 speed blows away the GM, but I think the Sierra looked better, better quality paint, and towed much better. The 6.2 is...
  3. brian.brabeau

    Laramie GT exhaust question

    After getting past 3000 miles, I think the exhaust is fully broken in and I feel just a touch too loud for my tastes. I am fine with the cold start, but when you get on gas hard, it almost sounds like an open exhaust/no muffler. Does anyone know if its possible to install resonators from a...
  4. brian.brabeau

    Official G/T Ram Thread

    Picked up my Laramie Sport with the GT package a couple weeks ago and loving it so far!! Traded in my 2018 Sierra w/6.2 for it. The 6.2 was a beast, but the Ram is so much better everywhere else! Added spray in liner so far. Looking to get a tonneau cover and black ram emblems in the near...