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  1. davidn0021

    FitCamX dashcam

    It's too bad there's no way to splice into the digital rearview camera's feed as the rear source instaed of connecting another unit.
  2. davidn0021

    5th Gen Ram 1500 30" Light Bar Bracket Set

    i think the combo pattern doesn't push out as much or as far. I am seeing similar results w/ all white combo, although mine might be pointing downwards a bit too much. I was going to point it higher and see if that helps one of these evenings (once the rain stops here in California).
  3. davidn0021

    Oil catch can

    Great idea. But how would you register in another state if you don’t have a residence or an address in that state?
  4. davidn0021

    Oil catch can

    Yes, unfortunately the catch can isn't technically CARB certified so therefore you will fail smog inspection if they see it. My plan is to remove it when I go in for the inspection and reinstall after I pass. I leave the can installed for oil changes and haven't had my local dealer say anything...
  5. davidn0021

    Send me pix of your rack!

    Seriously considering this as it would be great to bring our bikes with us on trips! Wish they had a good system that would work with tonneaus as well. I know the Yakima system can work with the Retrax. I may need to engineer my own solution to work with my existing tonneau.
  6. davidn0021

    Oil catch can

    Everyone has their own reasons for choosing which product they want to buy/use. I felt Mishimoto had a good mounting system out of the box so I didn't really dig too deep. I took a look at some of the other brands that have been mentioned and doing some quick Google searches didn't yield much...
  7. davidn0021

    Oil catch can

    Pretty much my same reasoning. I don't have hours or days to spend on working on the truck and whatever time I do have, I want to be able to bolt on and just have it work without fiddling too much. Additionally, if something goes wrong, I have a warranty and a legit company I can deal with in...
  8. davidn0021

    Oil catch can

    I don't think it really matters which brand to go with, they all work the same.. more or less.
  9. davidn0021

    Oil catch can

    I have the Mishimoto can myself and after 2 years and about 3 oil changes, finally drained it. Ended up being about 8oz and also dumped out some of the thicker gunk at the bottom, but I agree that I'd rather have that sludge in the catch can then recirculated back through my intakes. Install was...
  10. davidn0021

    Dealership forgot to torque drain plug after oil change - truck broke down on highway.

    I would have made the dealer come and tow that truck back instead of driving it back. And ask them for either a new engine or a new truck.
  11. davidn0021

    Question about 22" Factory Night Edition Wheel Colors

    I have the 22" Limited night edition wheels that came with my granite crystal I might be wanting to offload since I've switched to an aftermarket. I think the OEM tires only had about 500 miles on them when I swapped them out.
  12. davidn0021

    Best Exhaust System 2022 1500 Laramie 5.7L Hemi

    I have air suspension so was able to put it in OR2, no jack stands. I will say, if you have a creeper, well worth it for things like this! I would also find or build some sort of jig or stack a bunch of 2x4's to keep that muffler from falling down. It's not too heavy but when under the truck...
  13. davidn0021

    Best Exhaust System 2022 1500 Laramie 5.7L Hemi

    Just installed the Touring yesterday. Did a quick cold start and it is definitely louder and a deeper sound than stock. I’ll drive it around today to see just how loud it is.
  14. davidn0021

    SHOCKING: Meet The All-New Ram 1500 REV Battery-Electric Pickup!

    I'd jump on a plug-in hybrid in a heartbeat. Maybe something like, 40 miles on electric only and still have a large capacity fuel tank (26/33). That would be more than sufficient for me to get around town and not have to fill up ever while still giving me the confidence to do roadtrips and not...
  15. davidn0021

    Tire help

    Been perfectly happy with my Wildpeaks AT/3Ws. Great in rain or snow or heat!
  16. davidn0021

    SHOCKING: Meet The All-New Ram 1500 REV Battery-Electric Pickup!

    I agree.. I wouldn't switch out to an EV truck right now, but maybe a couple generations/revisions and it could be a viable replacement. Especially once the infrastructure catches up and we can charge nearly as quickly as filling up.
  17. davidn0021

    New 5th-Gen 1500 Fuse / Relay / Circuit Breaker Diagrams & Documentation

    Are the lamps being powered by the BCM directly?
  18. davidn0021


    Yep, but I don't drive around on the lowest setting unless I absolutely have to and even then it would be for very short and slow distances (like in a low parking garage).
  19. davidn0021


    I do have air suspension (standard on Limiteds). I'd say if you're not hauling or towing a lot of weight, then you don't need the LTs and save several hundred bucks. At most I'm piling in 5 people (3 kids), and maybe 300-400lbs of payload, tops. Tires still have great tread on them and we've...
  20. davidn0021


    I have 275/65R20s on mine, non LT version since I don’t plan on towing or hauling anything. No plans for a lift yet, though I do have links to tune the level to remove some rake but haven't had time the past couple years to actually install. No rubbing or any other issues with the tires and have...