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    23 Laramie GT ordered and VIN received

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    Got a Limited

    Congrats! Looks great. I just picked up my 23 limited a week ago and am loving it
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    "New" member - 23 Ram Rebel

    Congrats and welcome! Any pics??
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    23% INCREDIBLE Laramie 1500 Deal for MAY orders @ MARK DODGE

    Damn, I ordered my limited already. This is a great deal. If you could get the limited headlights I might make the change. Saves about $10k
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    Start of 2023 Production

    Thanks! I’m pretty excited!
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    Mark Dodge Thread

    Great to hear. I’m in Chesterfield and picking my Ram from MD next month. Been thinking about the best way to get it here.
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    Just placed my order with them. Very easy to work with and great price
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    Digital Gauge Cluster Overview

    Would love to see updates on this
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    Who Leases? Who Purchased?

    Leased Saturday. $67k msrp Laramie. $1,100 down which includes first payment. No trade 36/12 for $641 a month. Sales tax is what hurt me. 9.5% in MO.
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    Price negotiated from MSRP

    Funny you say that. I received a notification from cars.com that two of the rams I were looking at they dropped the price. I am in stl as well
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    Who Leases? Who Purchased?

    Where there a lot more incentives than now? Best I have received in $604 a month on a $66k msrp. 36/12
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    Who Leases? Who Purchased?

    Can you give the breakdown? Did you put money down?