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    Digital Gauge Cluster Overview

    Love my digital dash. Tom
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    well...no more Pedal Commander for me.

    The only tune I might consider is a GDE, im not trying to get more power although that is a nice benefit just want the most efficient engine. I am older and retired but still travel an average of 1000 miles a week for my small business. Tom
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    well...no more Pedal Commander for me.

    I have learned similar lessons the same way whether it was with my Silverados or Rams. I want so bad to do a tune on my 23 but I just don't want the concerns of problems down the road. These truck as so complex now days even the dealers have trouble fixing them. Tom
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    Oil Pressure gauge install?

    With calculated you never know what your oil pressure really is, the only real sensor you have is if you oil pressure gets down to 8psi (I think that is what the low sensor is set to). To me by the time you get down to 8 psi the damage is already done. Actual is when you either have a sensor...
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    2021 ram limited showing wrong temperature

    ^^ ^ That is hot! What state you located in?? Tom
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    Windshield Tint and Paint Protection Film for Sides

    If you have HUD I would make sure it wouldn't interfere with that. Tom
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    Muzzys A/C hack location for ecodiesel?

    My 23 blows COLD air. Tom
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    Oil Pressure gauge install?

    Electronic Vehicle Information Center... The oil pressure is calculated not actual. I found an adaptor I was looking for, I will post a link to it when get home tonight. Tom
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    Oil Pressure gauge install?

    What is a EVIC? Tom
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    Oil Pressure gauge install?

    Has anyone installed a oil pressure gauge on a Gen 3 ED? I am having trouble finding thread size for Tee fitting I would need. Thanks Tom
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    Apple Car Play disconnecting frequently

    My 23 does that every once in a while, it always reconnects immediately. Tom
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    Display The Speed Limit In Nav

    My 23 is always red. Jealous of your truck! :) Tom
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    Maps update failure!

    If I were you I would wait. My 23 is in the shop now trying to figure out what went wrong with my update. Hopefully have it back tomorrow and I can give a report. Tom
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    Maps update failure!

    My dealer said the maps on a 23 are different than the 2022 rams due to the digital dash change and being able to put the navigation up on the dash. They opened a STAR case on mine but due to work I cannot get back in until early June. Tom
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    Eco Getting Better and Better

    I gotta say I have thought the same. I plan on keeping this truck a long time and seriously thought about buying a spare crate engine from Mopar. Tom
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    Eco Getting Better and Better

    My 23 does about the same. The best I have gotten is 28.1 but normally its 26.4 to 27.5. Tom
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    Maps update failure!

    So far no luck, Dealer had to open a Star case and is waiting to hear back. Tom
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    DEF on E with countdown

    Today on my 23 I got 305 miles until engine shutdown with the def gauge showing 1/4 tank left. The notice kept coming up about every 5 min. I drove 40 miles and it still said 305 miles till shutdowno_O I normally just put in one jug and it bumps it up to 3/4 tank. Tom
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    Maps update failure!

    After 5 weeks RamCares tells me I need to go a dealer for repair :ROFLMAO: Luckily my appt is this Friday. Tom