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  1. J

    Front/Rear Differential Fluids?

    Yeah, weights are listed in the manual. Front is correct(80W90 is not going to make a darn bit of difference except slightly in MPG), rear could be 75W140 if you have the 3.92 gear ratio. Mopar has a slip lock additive that may be required if you have the factory limited slip, you may or may not...
  2. J

    There Will NOT Be A Hurricane Plug-In Hybrid, After All!

    FWIW, I'm for PHEV's, it's the best of both worlds right now. If I could drive my truck to work on electricity alone and still have all the engine power I need to pull the camper when needed then I would buy one. The power is not really pointless, you just may not necessarily be using all the...
  3. J

    Oil Filter vibrating loose!?!

    Another thing to check is make sure the adapter that the filter threads on to is tight. Though I would think if that was loose it would have fallen completely off by now.
  4. J

    Save money on new Ram vehicle.

    If you're happy with the truck and the deal then that's all that matters. Today, without going through one of the high volume dealers and flying somewhere, or having the truck shipped, you really have to do some hard work to get the best deal. Not many trucks sit on the lot very long unless...
  5. J

    What engine oil are you using?

    Good TBN result given the use. For years I have ran the standard WIX filter or NAPA Gold, they're the same filter and high quality. If anyone's curious, I ran AMSOIL OE in my 1500 and this is the one analysis that I did on it before trading in for a 2500.
  6. J

    New owner from Winston-Salem, NC

    Welcome. You'll find plenty of information here.
  7. J

    New Kid

    Welcome, I'm sure you'll find plenty of ways to spend more money on it here!
  8. J

    Improper use of gear limit

    All that does is limit the highest gear it will go to. I.E. if it's set at 5 it will never go to 6th until you hit the + or shift out of drive. It will go down 4 to 3 to 2 etc. as you slow down.
  9. J

    Shredding OEM Goodyear tires, sidewalls weather cracking on 3 out of 4 tires

    Typically the "wear" items they'll cover for 1 year/ 12 months because that tends to be a manufacturing defect, alignments are the same thing. I can tell you that my Laramie even with the alignment out of spec did not pull, but it feathered the front tires in less than 1500 miles. Even after I...
  10. J

    Shredding OEM Goodyear tires, sidewalls weather cracking on 3 out of 4 tires

    Have you had the alignment checked on the truck? It's definitely a common issue on RAM's and usually those who continue to have issues resort to alternative alignment specs.
  11. J

    Must haves on new CC 8' BIG Horn 3500 DRW ?

    You might get better responses on the sister site, HDRams.com Though there are quite a few converts here that frequent both forums.
  12. J

    New Member, Longtime Dodge Owner

    Welcome. Great looking truck...even if it is only a v6. But hey, not everyone needs to pull the world behind their Hemi!
  13. J

    Ram Ordered 🥳

    Welcome. I'm sure you'll lots of useful information here.
  14. J

    Eco mode

    MDS allows the valves to stay closed, it creates an air spring inside the cylinder to help reduce pumping losses from rolling around the extra cylinders that aren't being used. None of that "cold" air is leaving the cylinder.
  15. J

    how often is everyone changing oil

    The manual, and even oil manufacturers, say change at 1 year...which we all know with new synthetic oils that is not needed...but it's a CYA. The proof may not be required, but it will definitely help to have all the data you can to backup your claim should something happen.
  16. J

    Bad or Good time to sell?

    If you're going to sell, I would sell soon. Gas prices are only going to drive values of trucks and large SUV's down. However, it's not the greatest time to buy as values are still inflated, interest rates are rising etc.
  17. J

    My First Ram Order - passed on the Ford

    Welcome to the forum, it is a wealth of knowledge.
  18. J

    New 5th Gen Owner

    Good looking truck! Welcome.
  19. J

    2019 motor woes....

    Do they have any pictures to show you the damage that they "found"? Or did you get to see the parts first hand? I can't imagine the pushrods are worn without other damage being present. You say 80k so either you have an extended warranty or the diesel? Fill out your signature so we all know...