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    Ecodiesel Lift

    I just want 4” of lift that’s function over form, but it’s pretty depressing that there’s no options for the ecodiesel.
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    Ecodiesel Lift

    Dying to lift my ecodiesel, but so far only thing I see is Carli suspension at like $6k plus another $3-4k for rims/tires… not sure I want to do it that bad.
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    GMRS/CB Radio Install

    No issues that I can see as of yet, there’s lots of space behind the uconnect screen (same as if you stuffed it under a seat, glovebox, cd tray, etc). I fuse tapped off F54A so it comes on and off when the vehicle is on. Ran the antenna cable through the firewall across the top of the engine...
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    GMRS/CB Radio Install

    I pulled the center console and installed an MXT575 underneath the UConnect screen securing it with zip ties. I ran a rj45 bulkhead connector through one of the trim panels on the passenger side and mounted the mic on a proclips vent mount.
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    How long did it take to get your Rebel?

    I think I waited about 3 months order to delivery
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    Dash Phone Mount

    Installed a pro clip on each side, one for my phone and one for my radio mic. Solid and slick.
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    Rear sliding window fuse?

    This is what you’re looking for… but be warned the BCM controls a lot of the circuits and there isn’t always a fuse. https://5thgenrams.com/community/threads/new-5th-gen-1500-fuse-relay-circuit-breaker-diagrams-documentation.28989/
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    Should I Even Consider the EcoDiesel (3rd Gen)?

    Love my eco diesel… and anything you read will be either they explode as soon as they leave the lot or they last for 500k miles. Hemi’s and Etorque’s have their issues too, so if you think you’re avoiding problems by picking one or the other, the reality is you’re just signing up for a...
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    2022 Rebel Night Edition

    Removing the head unit and the center console is pretty easy once you work up the nerve to go for it. I am on the tail end of installing a switch pro sp9100, a full suite of Baja design lights, and a 50 watt mxt575 gmrs radio. I’ve taken my 2022 Rebel apart quite a bit.
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    Eco diesel coil over lift options?

    I’d love lift my 2022 Rebel +3” with a coil over suspension upgrades that for 35’s without trimming rubbing issues… but I’m having issues finding something eco diesel compatible…. Anyone have any recommendations?
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    Well I dented the rear bumper… how do I find the part number to replace it? There’s 7 to pick from…

    2022 Ram Rebel with the steel bumper, accidentally backed into a bollard on the right corner of the rear bumper, right near the parking sensor that didn’t alert me. Of course the ultra sensitive parking sensor slams on the brakes when I slowly back out of my driveway, but not when there’s an...
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    Seeking Pro Tips - Fog Light Mod

    I just did the Baja design pocket fogs upgrade today. I took out the factory fogs and put 2xS2 sports on each side in the Baja brackets. That being said, I dropped the bumper for some other mods and did the fogs while I had it off. I also opted to skip the OEM fog switch and made custom...
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    Lots of lifted suspensions “not for diesel engines”

    Been noticing this ever since I’ve been entertaining the idea…. Assume it for the weight, but any recommendation for diesel compatible suspension lifts around 4”?
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    External fuse F17 for air suspension… but no air suspension… what is it used for?

    Yes I have physical fuses in both F17 and F22… and I get 12v on F17 when the engine is running and I definitely do not have an air suspension.
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    External fuse F17 for air suspension… but no air suspension… what is it used for?

    I was checking fuses for mods using the guide by @HAL9001 and I stumbled across a 20 amp Micro2 fuse F17 for air suspension. I don’t have an air suspension, but wondering what it’s for and if it’s something I should stay away from with a fuse a tap… thanks!
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    Grille lights tap to parking lights help?

    @Tones1975 how are you tapping off the MCASE style fuse? Did you just jam a wire in there??
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    Switch Pro SP9100 Switch Panel Install

    bringing this one back... interested in the light blue/pink wire taps
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    Sigh… first problems with my 2022 Rebel :(

    Yeah, he said knock but he must have meant NOX since it’s a diesel. Yes fluid film is a rust preventative undercoating for the winter salt/brine. Either way fluidfilm is basically a thin solvent free dielectric grease. If that causes a NOX sensor failure, I’m worried what road salt and snow...
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    Sigh… first problems with my 2022 Rebel :(

    Dealer just called and said that my fluidfilm application from months ago caused a NOX sensor issue and wouldn’t be warrantied? That doesn’t sound right.