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  1. J

    LUYED LED- New (Frugal) LED Reverse Light.

    When using the quick splice connectors to tap into the 7-pin harness, do you strip the Black/White wires coming out of the 7-pin harness or just insert them directly into the open side of the connector? And, do you strip the Black/Red Wires coming out of the LUYED light, or do you insert them...
  2. J

    No sound from speakers???

    @ClayFire2 Just called to make a service appointment...earliest they can get me in is next Thursday. I have video of the radio playing with no sound, hopefully the problem fixes itself between now & then and they use the video as proof of the issue.
  3. J

    No sound from speakers???

    @ClayFire2 I'll look into the Tazar DT. I'm going to attempt to get a service appointment this afternoon. May be impossible with the upcoming holiday. @LimitedGRR I was not aware of a reset button. Do you happen to know where it is at in settings?
  4. J

    No sound from speakers???

    So, I started my beautiful truck this morning like I always do, connect my phone to listen to a podcast on my morning drive to work and I’m met with silence...turned the volume all the way up. Still silence. I turned off Bluetooth, turned the radio on. Silence. Made a phone call, silence...
  5. J

    tonneau covers that work with the multifunction tailgate?

    I do not have the MFT, but do have the utility rails. The information I saw from Tyger states the T3 will not work with utility rails. Did you have any problems with installation due to the rails?
  6. J

    Radio Ghost Image While Backup Camera Is Active

    I/m having the same issue in my 2019 Ram Bighorn. It doesn't make the camera impossible to use, just annoying. It's not screen burn either as the image changes with the radio. I'm not convinced a simple software update would fix the issue since it kind of appeared out of nowhere one day.