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    Who powers RAM CONNECT in UC5?

    There's a almost 0% chance they do. Just hit the button up top to call someone and ask who answers.
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    Who powers RAM CONNECT in UC5?

    Sure, just hit the button on the top of your truck to call them.
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    Factory Hemi Exhaust Changes 2019-2023

    I think around 2020-2021 they stopped putting factory resonators on near the tips. On 2019s I believe they all has resonators but my 2022 for example didn't (before I sold the OEM exhaust)
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    Who powers RAM CONNECT in UC5?

    Our lord and savor...
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    Extended Warranty Source?

    Doesn't Grainger or Ziegler beat anyone else's price by $50 though? I recall seeing it somewhere here... So that would be $50 cheaper then Robbins wouldn't it?
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    well...no more Pedal Commander for me.

    A tune is not going to cause problems. None of these problems are from people getting a tune on their truck.
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    2023 Ram 1500 limited question?

    Can you take a picture of what your problem is? The 4 rocker style switches up top all light up at night so you can see what you are hitting. The pano roof has these buttons open\close shade tilt\close roof open\close roof (open twice for full open) The last switch is for your rear window to...
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    Night Edition owners - have you replaced your 22" wheels?

    I wouldn't like those on my blacked out truck but on yours they look amazing. 10/10
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    Truck shaking at idle

    Is it really 500 rpm at idle? Seems a little bit low. Maybe it's struggling to keep running. Try a tank of 91-93 and see if it goes away, maybe throw a bottle of HEAT in too.
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    Extended Warranty Source?

    Make sure you get it BEFORE the end of your warranty.
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    Bed Swap

    Rambox beds are likely a pain since they have additions locks that will need to be keyed and configured in the BCM as they are also electronically locked and able to be opened. That said sure you can swap beds but it likely isn't worth it and it's going to kill your resell value when someone...
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    well...no more Pedal Commander for me.

    Or maybe there's something funky going on with that ODB2 connection.
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    well...no more Pedal Commander for me.

    Funky. No problems with my sprint booster but it's only been 8 months or so.
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    Bedliner Conditioner?

    Like most materials they can fade or stain due to the sun. With a cover there is no reason to use anything like this. Even paint will fade eventually which is why we wash and wax etc to prolong how long it takes to get damaged and start to stain/fade ad the clearcoat dissolves from the outside.
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    Bedliner Conditioner?

    Do you have a cover on your truck? If so there's no point. If you didn't have a cover I guess you could put some kind of sealant on it every once in a while but there probably still would be no point imo. I have stained mine on previous trucks after it gets dirty if it sits for 6 months or so...
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    AlfaOBD Known Changes 5th Gen

    I know what he was talking about, but if he had a 2022 you can't get the pages even if you set in Alfa here ya go VehConfig 1: Performance Pages Present: Yes VehConfig 2: Off-road Capable: Yes VehConfig 5: Off-Road Pages Present: Yes
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    Ram specialists in Los Angeles

    What are you talking about? No one is bashing states. If you don't think there is a blacklist and a TON of companies that will NOT ship auto parts to CA you are clueless. Even people on this forum have ordered stuff who live in CA and get their order canceled on them because they don't want to...
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    AlfaOBD Known Changes 5th Gen

    Depends on what you have. What year and trim is your truck?
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    I have a ram 2021 trying to get uconnect 5

    UC5 was out back when they were shipping trucks with UC4 was it not? They still have other vehicles that only can come with UC4 I thought?
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    LED Bulbs

    Agree with all of that. I don't think a cop can even do anything, would need to be on your states inspection. A cop has no way to know what kind of light a housing should or shouldn't have and they know it would never hold up in court. Maybe if you got like purple LEDs and threw them in sure...