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  1. Ruger

    STAR CASE opened on odd gauge issue

    Hello, Im trying to find out if anyone has had this issue or know of it happening. I have a 23 ECO 4x4 with ORP and 12" touch screen and the older style gauge cluster. The truck runs great, here is the problem. If you go to the "Off Road Page" in the touch screen (the one that shows all your...
  2. Ruger

    Trigger Pulled!!

    Squatch, the truck looks great brother and thanks for following up with pics. With any luck I’ll doing my truck in the near future.
  3. Ruger

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Just finished installing EGR pocket fender flares PART#792955. The wife walked out and said “they look great but makes the wheels look small” 😂🤪😂. My plan worked perfect…….lol time to accessorize…. Leveling kit, new UCA, wheels and tires 😁👍
  4. Ruger

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Firecadet613, he you go. Fast service, decent price and the quality seems good. Really fills the well gap if you have ramboxes. https://www.ramseal.net/
  5. Ruger

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Just installed a Bakflik MX4 on my 2023 W/rambox, an AVS ll bug shield and RAM SEALS for the tailgate.
  6. Ruger

    Trigger Pulled!!

    Squatch, keep us posted brother I want to do the same exact setup but with different wheels. Really want to see pics of the -18 wheels and how much poke you get passed the fenders.
  7. Ruger

    Heated Steering Wheel Temp

    I had my 23 Laramie at the dealer for a different issue yesterday and told them to check my steering wheel heater and seats because they didn’t seem as hot as when I picked up my truck in Jan. The tech used a thermal imager and check the setting and said everything was working as fine and as...
  8. Ruger

    No Tailgate Ajar Warning (MY22)

    My 23 Laramie doesn’t have it. Might have to add it if possible.
  9. Ruger

    New ecodiesel

    Welcome and great looking ride brother.
  10. Ruger

    Catch Can for the ecoDiesel without throwing codes?

    Wow, 10/28 that means I have a couple of more months of waiting before they reply to me. 😳
  11. Ruger

    Bed Stiffeners?

    I had bed stiffeners on my Tacoma. You might want to reach out to one of those companies that make it for Tacoma. They might have something in the works for Ram or be willing to make one.
  12. Ruger

    Should I Even Consider the EcoDiesel (3rd Gen)?

    I ordered and received one of last ED and have no regrets whatsoever. It’s a great ride and whole different driving experience. I’m average 25 MGP and she only has 753 miles in her. She will be towing a 20’ pontoon and my enclosed trailer. To me it made sense to get the ED over the HEMI...
  13. Ruger

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Installed new Ram slush mats part# 82215422AD, got them from Ban wholesale cheapest place I could find. Fit perfect on my 2023 Laramie
  14. Ruger

    Key Left Vehicle Feature (Three Horn Chirp)

    another vote for hate it!!! You should give owners the option to disable it.
  15. Ruger

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Just got the windows tinted. 25% to match the stock back windows and 55% on the front windshield. Went with a ceramic tint. Mainly to help block the UV rays.
  16. Ruger

    Start of 2023 Production

    I know, so do I. Now it’s time to save up for a set of new wheels and tires in the future. After I wear this set out
  17. Ruger

    Start of 2023 Production

    Thanks, she is a great ride. Love everything about her except for the 22s she came with. Why would you put 22s on a truck with an ORP. The GT models I can understand but you cant go off roading with 22s unless you want to tear up your wheels.
  18. Ruger

    Start of 2023 Production

    Thanks bro! She’s awesome and the lie-o-meter had me floored driving home. Yes I babied her but it hit 30mpg. Just downloaded Fuelly app. Going to keep track of actual mileage
  19. Ruger

    Start of 2023 Production

    There she is, ladies and gentlemen…… the few and last of her kind. 2023 ECO Diesel. She is so happy in her natural habitat, rolling thru the hills and mountains of east TN. A huge THANK YOU!!!! To triple_b, eighty, bigdodge, and anyone else that kept me sane during the order and wait process.
  20. Ruger

    Start of 2023 Production

    Today is the day! She’s been at the dealers since 4jan. She came in earlier than estimated. Work has kept me from picking her up till today. Just needs a good inspection and some last minute price negotiations and she’ll be coming home. Will have pics later today 😁