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  1. CJW

    A/C Performance

    I just thought that to myself the other day. I did a quick remote start and after Maybe 2-3 minutes of running jumped in the truck and was happy it had cooled down much more than I would have expected (black truck, 95 degree day).
  2. CJW

    Installing Factory Trailer Brake Controller and DIY Software Update

    Can confirm as the other poster said. Scared the **** out of me at first, but works itself out.
  3. CJW

    Ideas for USB battery pack that charges only when vehicle is on

    The term you're looking for with regards to the USB battery pack is "passthrough". That will allow the device you want to run (camera) to run simultaneously while the battery pack charges as well as when the vehicle is off. If you can determine how much power your camera will draw, it will...
  4. CJW

    Weekend Camping

    Looks can be deceiving. That fact alone is why I generally avoid camper-camping because I hate being around people, but it was late enough in the season that it was still quiet. It was on the west shore of Moosehead Lake in Rockwood, ME. Was still a great spot though
  5. CJW

    Weekend Camping

    Had a great weekend camping. 19 Ram and 16 Durango.
  6. CJW

    A/C Performance

    I had the housing done a month or so ago and it's better. Before I'd be driving miles before it would even get comfortable, but now it cools much better. However, don't expect amazing results. If you ever had a vehicle that would blow really cold air, then you' won't get that result. It's...
  7. CJW

    Under Seat Storage

    I have the Du-Ha and the RAM factory floor mats. Accessing the floor bins sucks, not gonna lie. Especially when the weather is cold and the mats aren't as pliable. However, I had the factory storage option before and switching to the Du-Ha I was able to move a lot of what I had in the floor...
  8. CJW

    What version of Uconnect?

    I checked the website and it said it was up to date, and yesterday on my way back from the store I get hit with the update.
  9. CJW

    Crew Cab Ram Bins

    Ratchet straps, bungee cords, first aid kit, toilet-paper/alcohol heater and manual. I ordered a DuHa so I could fit some more stuff under the seat.
  10. CJW

    Installed Du Ha storage box

    Had a duha in my y old truck and loved it. Not necessarily a fan of having to lift it to get into the boxes under the floor, but glad to know the duha is big enough to hold whatever is in there. I can stick all the things that fall into the "i'll never use this, but I sure as hell wont throw...
  11. CJW

    Playing music from flash drive

    You can also do it with basic folders and not having to create playlists. For example, i make folders for genres so i can browse to the metal, country, or rap folder. I've there, i have the option of playing all. I then have folders further to separated by artist so I can select the Iron...
  12. CJW

    Toolboxes for the interior?

    Have any of you upgraded from the factory flip down divider to the duha or husky? That big of an upgrade in terms of storage? I had a duha in my gmc and loved it because the walls went up to the seat base and added more storage. Edit:. Another concern is being able to pull up factory floor...
  13. CJW

    Installing Factory Trailer Brake Controller and DIY Software Update

    Here's a concise write-up for how I got JScan to work. Though Alpha certainly appears to have way more features for those who want to tinker and mod, I decided to save the $30 by going with the cheaper software. Phone: Samsung Note 10 Plus JScan Version: v24.01.2021.15:55 Installation Date...
  14. CJW

    Installing Factory Trailer Brake Controller and DIY Software Update

    Follow up again. Came out this afternoon to mess aroubd again and setting showed up I hate this delay before the system detects changes, but it'sfinally done. Thanks everyone for the write up, the help and putting up with my rambling!
  15. CJW

    Installing Factory Trailer Brake Controller and DIY Software Update

    Thanks for the confirmation Tyromeo. I went in a few days ago and thought I found some I was missing and enabled them, but still haven't got anywhere. The four I changed as follows, but so far no luck. Trailer Settings -ITBM/HW Integrated Trailer Brake Module On/Off (This was first) Radio...
  16. CJW

    Installing Factory Trailer Brake Controller and DIY Software Update

    JScan so far as sort of worked. I'm able to see the trailer options on my dash between my gauges, but i don't have any options to remember or rename trailers in my settings on my radio. Everyone with that option seems to have the 12" screen, but i have the 8.4Nav and I don't even know if i...
  17. CJW

    Installing Factory Trailer Brake Controller and DIY Software Update

    Martin, I had the same problem using the AlfaOBD demo where it wouldn't recognzie. I didn't want to pull the trigger on $50 software so I opted for the JScan for less than half and it worked great. It was easier to use, too as there was only one option and it toggled all the different sub...
  18. CJW

    Installing Factory Trailer Brake Controller and DIY Software Update

    Thank you VERY much for this write up! Your parts list was spot on and your pictures very helpful. I watched a YouTube video as well to help see how things moved. The most difficult part was dislodging the blank faceplate from the switch bank those clips were a pain! $138 for the Mopar Parts...
  19. CJW


    You gotta update your android auto. I don't know if that fixes the white bar, but the UI is definitely better.
  20. CJW

    Volume Knob / Mute Button Strage Behavior

    Sometimes I'll mute the radio, then I go to turn it up and it doesn't come back on. The interface looks like it unmutes it, but there's no sound. So I have to mute it again, and then unmute it to get sound back. If I change the station it comes back and if my climate is off it turns it on...