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    Rear defrost not working

    I have 2020 bighorn which had the rear glass replaced about two years ago. after which the rear frost worked fine, now with mornings starting to get colder it seems that it has stopped working. The fuse is fine and the light in the button stays on. I also have heated mirrors and though I believe...
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    New 2022 bighorn grille part number

    I saw that a new grille was released for the 2022 bighorn, i have a 2020 and i would love to add this new grille. Does anyone have the part number for this new grille? photo for reference
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    positive battery terminal cover

    I opened my hood today and noticed that the red positive battery terminal cover is missing. I have a 2020 hemi 1500, does anyone know the part number for this, i have tried searching and and i cant seem to come up with anything.