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  1. K

    Water leak - windshield?

    We got some good rain yesterday. Rained steady all day long. Went out today and my wife had water leaking on her from the front passenger side dash. Checked underneath my rubber mats and there is water on both the front driver and passenger side. I've had this truck for three years and never had...
  2. K

    Uconnect update

    Anybody have access to the update for this service bulletin? https://www.dropbox.com/s/n7ttzlua6tdwaw4/Radio%20%26%20Backup%20Cam.pdf?dl=0 My dealer is a bunch of idiots and says they can't find it. I have the 8.4" non nav unit and bought my truck in May of 2018. This update applies to my...
  3. K

    PCM mounting bolt

    Anybody know the part number for the three PCM mounting bolts that hold it on? I lost one when I installed my Pulsar and am in the process of taking the Pulsar off and will keep it off in favor of the Tazer. Or anybody have one they won’t be using and want to send me
  4. K

    20x10 -24 offset with 275/65?

    Anybody know if this will fit? Truck is 4x4, non offroad package with Readylift 2" leveling kit. Looking to swap my wheels out again after I put Bushwacker fender flares on. Nowy wheels are tucked in about 2.5" and it drives me crazy. Looking to go with a 20x10 -24, but I bought BFG KO2...
  5. K


    Just installed the Pulsar. Have to run through half a tank of gas before I put it in performance mode. At the moment I am torn if it is worth it or not, though I can tell a difference in more than just throttle response. I'll roll with it for a couple weeks before deciding. Really anxious to see...
  6. K

    5 inch air suspension lift

    I know a lot of you have been waiting for a lift for the air suspension. Rough Country just put theirs up on their site. https://www.roughcountry.com/dodge-suspension-lift-kit-338c.html I would imagine others will follow shortly.
  7. K

    Rear spacer?

    I originally bought the Readylift leveling kit with new upper control arms. I didn't measure but from what I have gathered it really only lifts the front by 1.5" instead of the full 2" so I am thinking about swapping it out. Wanting to go to the Motofab 3" spacer and then also bring up the rear...
  8. K

    Carven Competitor

    Just picked up my truck from getting the Carven Competitor cat back installed. Wow! Nice deep rumble, but I didn't find it anxious at all. It will get its first cold start in the morning, but a warm start isn't so loud that the neighbors will be pissy. It is loud when you jump on it, but that...
  9. K

    Rough Country 6" lift

    Looks like Rough Country just put out their 6" lift for order. Says it will be shipping soon. I keep debating about going with the 3.5-4", but damn does that 6" lift look good. https://www.roughcountry.com/dodge-suspension-lift-kit-334c.html