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  1. Thekidcasual

    Center console lockbox

    Anyone have this happen to there lock box?? Mine seems to have popped off on my built to serve
  2. Thekidcasual

    Am I missing something here ??

    I went in to have my bolts re torqued after the eibach instal and I noticed in my right side wheel well there seems to be something missing I never noticed this before.. can someone take a pic of there to confirm somethings wrong here. I have a 2020 1500 bighorn BTS Right side Left side
  3. Thekidcasual

    Eibach adjustable shock..

    Just got th eibachs put in on clip 3. Trucks still smooth, steering wheel is slightly to the left but I’m going to take it back to get re aligned after new wheel installed. Over all happy with th move. Any one have a clue if my cv angles are good or not? How would I know
  4. Thekidcasual

    Just a heads up!

    I’ve had a lot of spam messages on this website, people trying to get a hold of your information.. so if someone messages you make sure check there profile and if there account was made recently don’t email or contact them
  5. Thekidcasual

    Should I keep or sell??

    I already own the fuel rebels in bronze, 20x9 I posted them on offer up for 1700 to see if they sale after seeing th venomrex 603! (Price 1750). But not I’m interested in the 602 now either bronze or grey.. what do you guys think I should do sale the rebels for new wheels or should I keep them...
  6. Thekidcasual

    Anyone ever off road with wheel spacers?

    Looking to add “poke” to my setup and spacers are cheaper then new offest wheels. But I plan on off-roading it on a few trailed here and there.. has anyone ever tried it with spacers?
  7. Thekidcasual

    TSB list

    Is there a list or site where we can find all available TSBs?
  8. Thekidcasual

    Front skid plate after airdam removal??

    Has any one found a front skid plate that goes with the stock bumper set up for our trucks? Not looking to change th bumper just want a skid plate so nothing flies up into the engine bay