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  1. Invictus

    4 Wheel Lock in 4WD Auto ?!?!

    Problem solved. I didn't think 5/32" in tread difference would make that much of a difference, but apparently it does. Thanks for the comments guys, got the truck back today and she's all good to go. I have 23,000 km on the old tires (never rotated) and do about 1/4 of my driving on gravel...
  2. Invictus

    4 Wheel Lock in 4WD Auto ?!?!

    Good evening, Last week I was driving into town on the highway. It was quite icy, so I decided to try out 4WD Auto for the first time. To my understanding, if the rear wheels lose traction under load, the front kicks in. Everything was going fine until I turned into a gas station, and that's...