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    “Uconnect box update”

    I got exactly the same update message two days ago. Didn’t find a new firmware or map version. So, don’t know what this is about. I’m on S24.13 as well.
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    HUD Speed limits - can they be updated or maintained?

    Downloaded and installed this morning and all went well. 25 min to install. Can’t believe it was so easy! Sure wish they would do this for the firmware.
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    Mopar Vehicle Protection Plan - $50 over Dealer Cost @ Granger Motors

    I showed the dealer I ordered/bought my 2022 from, the quote from Grainger, and they beat it by $100. Couldn’t believe it, so I bought it from them at the time I bought my truck.
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    Uconnect 5 is much better but…

    Thats is for sure. I do believe that the vast majority of people with 12" Uconnect 5 systems on ver 24.13 are working fine. This leads me to believe that those with chronic problems have underlying hardware problems that won’t get fixed with software updates. I could be wrong, as I don’t have...
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    Uconnect 5 is much better but…

    If I had as many problems as you seem to have, you might consider downloading this update posted in this thread and giving it a chance as it seems you don’t have much to loose. You would need at least a 4gb USB memory stick as the file is 2gb in size. Several others have used it with no...
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    tonneau covers that work with the multifunction tailgate?

    They didnt reply with that much info when I asked what the delay was. I am getting tired of waiting also as I ordered in August as well. I have the Right-on brackets and could have used the regular MX4 however thought the new one designed for the MFT might be the way to go. I have a machine shop...
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    UConnect 26.15 Update Thread

    I’ve got a new 2022 limited with 12" and S24.13 that is working great so far. I am however interested in how this works out for those with problematic systems. Unless I had problems I can’t live with, I’d be inclined to wait for the official release or more feedback from successful upgraders...
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    New truck with uconnect issues

    You might want to take a look at this thread. It may help to fix your problems. I’m assuming you have a 2022 Uconnect 5 12" display. Apparently it also works on the 8.4" as well.
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    tonneau covers that work with the multifunction tailgate?

    Thats a pretty good price. When I ordered mine, it was $999.79 plus tax and free shipping. It has gone up to aprox $1110.88 now from Autoaccessoriesgarage.com. I think you have to call them to get a better price. Its back ordered, but should ship in a week or so. I’m anxious to see what they...
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    tonneau covers that work with the multifunction tailgate?

    I ordered Bak flip MX4 Tonneau that is made specifically for the MFT tailgate. Sku# 448226 I am still waiting on delivery as they say its waiting on QC to finalize before shipping. The original MX4 that requires the Righton brackets is 448227 for the 5’7" tailgate without MFT or rambox’s. I...
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    Let’s see those 5” exhaust tips

    5" Carven polished Stainless steel
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    Mark Dodge Thread

    Congratulations! You finally got it. Now the fun really begins. Cant wait to see it.
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    Mark Dodge Thread

    Congratulations! Cant wait to see it and show off both of our trucks!
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    Start of 2022 Production.

    Picked up my Ram Limited today! In my driveway and it even fits in my garage, amazing. 15 days from factory to Arizona dealer. 2 months and 3 days from order to delivery.
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    Ram 1500 orders - Tell Us About Yours!

    My Ram Limited arrived at the dealer today. Ordered June 24 and shipped Aug 10th. I feel very lucky!
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    Order Tracking

    My limited will be delivered to my dealer in Arizona tomorrow. I’ve got an appointment to pick it up on Saturday. I’m excited now. That’s almost exactly 2 months from order to delivery, not bad.
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    Start of 2022 Production.

    That’s awesome. Hope they get our trucks to there destinations soon! I was looking at the route from St Louis to New Orleans and it may be the CN (Canadian National) that dominate’s the main line to New Orleans there. When I worked for the N&W they had Ford Trains and other named speciality...
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    Start of 2022 Production.

    I think your dealer is the only avenue of information once its shipped. I was only speculating based on what I know having worked for the Norfolk Southern RR. They get a lot of the car factory shipments from Detroit area.
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    Start of 2022 Production.

    Somewhat, they have been great to deal with so far and I don’t have to go far to inspect and get it home. It sounds like your Truck is on Norfolk & Southern RWY system to St. Louis and then NS or BNSF to Louisiana. I used to work for NS and lived in Decatur Ill some years ago. (Norfolk & Western...
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    Start of 2022 Production.

    Are you planning on having your Limited shipped or are you going to go there and get it? I haven’t heard from my dealer yet but Ive got a call to him for a status update. Would be cool of yours showed up for your birthday!