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  1. Jasond78

    EcoDiesel Compatible Lift's

    I did the 6 inch ready lift on mine. Fit was fine but they wouldn't approve it because it hadn't been tested at the time . I added the coil overs and adjustable rough country's on the front and rear. Either The back end sagged after a month of use, or It was always that way and ever noticed it...
  2. Jasond78

    6" readylift on 2020 Bighorn ecodiesel w/ Rough Country Adj Coilovers - and yes you can lift them

    If you've got a 5th gen ecodiesel and have wanted to install a full lift kit, then you've probably noticed that all of the reputable manufacturers state"not for diesel or ecodiesel" somewhere in the bottom of the fine print. Before i bought my lift, I even contacted some companies and asked...
  3. Jasond78

    Ecodiesel block heater makes odd noise

    Does your truck ever sound like it's struggling to start when you have your block heater plugged in? My brother was telling me for the last 2 weeks that his truck(same as mine) was making all kinds of racket when he first fires it up in the morning and it's plugged in to the block heater. I...
  4. Jasond78

    Turbo lag / Throttle response

    Because of the issue i just had where i started the truck one morning and got all kinds of alarms going off. Traction control, trailer brakes, throttle control, all kinds of stuff. Went into limp mode and wouldn't go over 30mph. I pulled the battery cable to reset and it would come back shortly...
  5. Jasond78

    Ecodiesel block heater makes odd noise

    Hey guys, does anyone know what the actual heater unit is that they use on the ecodiesel? I bought the plug for mine and another post on the forum showed me how to install it. My question is why does it make noise when i plug it in? Sounds like it's recirculating or something. Not loud or...
  6. Jasond78

    Mopar prepaid oil change plan $252(3x$84)

    Never knew this option existed. I was hunting in Ohio last month when mine hit 10k and said zero oil life. I took it to the nearest ram service center and they promptly charged me $250.00 for the pleasure.. ouch.
  7. Jasond78

    Turbo lag / Throttle response

    My bother and i both bought 2020 ED's this year. Love the trucks but they really lacked in the get up and go department. The throttle lag was really disappointing, especially in cooler weather. We invested in the banks pedal commanders and it made a big difference for daily driving. I'm soft on...
  8. Jasond78

    5th gen 1500 mopar trailer brake install causes issues???

    UPDATE 12/14/20 Dealership called this morning and said the truck was ready to go. They did exactly what i thought they'd do and just cleared the codes, drove it a few miles, and sent it down the road. They actually tried to blame it on my Banks pedal monster lol. I forgot i had the damn thing...
  9. Jasond78

    5th gen 1500 mopar trailer brake install causes issues???

    Thanks, i willmake sure to discuss that with them when they contact me Monday. I appreciate the help
  10. Jasond78

    5th gen 1500 mopar trailer brake install causes issues???

    Hey everyone, My dad, brother and myself Recently purchased our very first Rams ever. We've bought 3 rounds of Chevy's in row that nearly all had serious issues so this time we decided to try Ram hoping for a better experience. I live in northern il and went all the way to Spokane Wa to get the...
  11. Jasond78

    2020 Rams sits low driver's side

    You know, i was installing a tonneau on my 2020 1500 last week and i noticed mine was sagging a bit on the driver side as well! I thought i was looking at it from an odd angle but i checked it again and it Def does have a slight lean. ... Interesting
  12. Jasond78

    Tonneau Covers that work with Ramboxes and Multi-Functional Tailgate

    I have a 2020 crew with ramboxes, been looking for a cover since September. I decided to go with the BAK Revolver x4. It's a hybrid,hard cover that rolls up. We had terrible luck with the canister type covers, don't really like the section flip types but needed the security of a rigid cover so i...