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    interchanging any of Ram 1500 wheels?

    I am probably going to be getting a limited with black appearance paackage next year when my lease ends. Seems like it comes with 22" wheels. I personally would rather have the 18" offroad wheels instead. Do you guys know if any Ram can accept any of the wheels on their site? Anyone do that...
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    How to setup WD Hitch w/Air Suspension

    Hi all, Going to be towing my first camper this saturday with my truck w/air suspension. I was wondering what is the proper process for setting up the WD hitch with the truck. My concern is that the air suspension and WD hitch will be working against each other. Again I am totally new at this...
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    Limited 4x4 Granite - Finally Got Her In!

    Hi all, So I finally got my limited! She is a beauty! I picked her up last week and been enjoying driving her so much I just had time to post pictures! As some of you might know, this was my second truck order actually. The first one I canceled because I optioned it too heavy to tow anything...
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    Ram 1500 2019 - Black Ops Edition (Quebec)

    Not quite sure what you get besides a 4" mopar lift kit and custom wheels but OK! Enjoy!
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    Awesome towing review between RAM, FORD, and CHEVY

    Awesome detailed towing review. Guess who wins??
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    Experienced RV Owners please provide feedback

    So I am starting the process of getting an RV . The first step was getting a truck, which you can see which combination of truck I got in my signature. The payload capacity for this truck is around 1200lbs I think . So been doing a bit of research to see how I can increase the payload capacity...
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    Rambox Owners I need your help!

    I need to order a tailgate pad to carry multiple mountain bikes on the bed hung over the tailgate. - Do you guys know how much of a gap is between the tailgate and the edge of the inner wall of the rambox when the tailgate is up? I am basically trying to understand if there is enough room to...
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    2019 Ram 1500 vs 2019 Ford F-150 Limited

    Really good truck porn :)
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    2019 Chevy Silverado truck

    Hilarious cost comparison of the new chevy . What a bunch of dumb decisions GM made. For almost 60k it's a joke what you don't get.
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    August Sales Number - WOW

    Just read this article on the site: https://5thgenrams.com/ram-trucks-has-best-u-s-august-sales-on-record/ Wow, amazing August YOY increase of 33% wohoo!! I guess we aren't the only ones that want to buy RAM this year, I wonder how much of those sales were Ford converts?? I can't wait to see...
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    Media review of Harmon Kardon system

    How come every single article , and I have read a ton, on the RAM truck all give accolades on the Harmon Kardon system. They all say it sounds amazing blah blah blah. Now I don't have the truck but based on the reviews from the members here it seems like it isn't as impressive as all the...
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    Great articles that shed some more detail on eTorque

    I don't know about you guys but I thought I knew all there was to know about eTorque. The following articles listed below shed some more details I didn't know so I figured I would share so you could read up as well. Forbes article - a lot of nice detail on the smaller benefits of eTorque...
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    This Forum Gets Credit from TFL Trucks for the Rambox Scoop

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    Help: How to search truck inventory nationwide

    What is the best truck search tool you guys are using to search nationwide. I want to do a targeted search for trucks with certain features like the 3.92 axle, eTorque, and rambox. The best one I found is ramtrucks.com , their own search tool. However it drives me nuts that I am limited to a...
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    Online Configurator Bug with Bed Utility Group?

    If you choose the Bed Utility Group for a Limited Build (only one I tested..) It says I have to select Level 1 Equip Group instead of Advanced Safety Group. As far as I can tell the only difference between the two is the exclusion of the Harmon Kardon speaker and rear ventilated seats. Am I...
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    GTA V 2019 Ram 1500

    Just thought this was a funny video of someone playing GTA V and stealing a 2019 RAM 1500. In retrospect must have been the same guys who have been stealing the trucks from the lot haha. I gotta figure out what air suspension setting they must be using.. that is like entry/exit mode to the...
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    Ecodiesel spied testing at Pikes Peak

    https://www.tfltruck.com/2018/08/2019-ram-1500-spotted-testing-on-pikes-peak-could-it-be-the-new-ecodiesel/ Interesting!
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    Samsung phones & wireless charging

    Hi guys just wondering for anybody who has a Samsung phone and the wireless charging feature - how well does it work? This was one feature I thought was really interesting. I just bought a galaxy note 8 and was really curious if anyone had any luck or frustrations with getting the galaxy phones...
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    Photoshopped - Blacked Out Limited

    *Update: I added another easier option then blacking it out - just getting the front skid plate chromed out (vinyl wrapped). What do you guys think?* Hey all, I am not a big fan of the chrome on the limited so I was just curious what it would look like to get a black Limited with the body...