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    Truck wheels WITHOUT fake bead locks

    I'm looking at truck wheels and so many of the wheels these days have the ugly fake beadlock look and are black. I personally can't stand them, and think they're overtly complicated looking. Any suggestions on clean looking, 20" wheels in a brushed aluminum or chrome? Currently looking at Black...
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    Realistic lift <=2" options (Bilstein vs Mopar)

    Maybe someone can shed some light on this, as I've read over 40 pages of different threads and I think I more confused now, than when I started. My truck is a non-ORP Laramie crew cab. I am on the fence between lifting the truck with the 2" Mopar lift, or going with Bilstein 5100s to get <2" and...
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    Samsung Galaxy S20 - No Longer Connects Phonebook

    I recently updated (forced rather) the software on my Samsung S20. Since updating, my phone phonebook will no longer connect to my truck. I can save individual numbers to my favorites, but it routinely will be erased for seemingly no reason. Has anyone else experienced this issue?? From what I...
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    Black chrome inserts for Chrome grille?

    Does anyone know if it's possible to replace the grille inserts (2 horizontal bars on top and 3 horizontal bars on bottom) with black ones instead of chrome ones? Or does the grille come as one entire piece? I don't mind the chrome so much, but think black inserts would look a lot better. I know...
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    A few possible mods, which to do??

    I picked up my RAM at the end of 2020, and finally sold one of my older cars and have cash burning a hole in my pocket. I've got a few mods in mind, but what should I tackle first? Each one runs about $1000-1500 depending, except for the sway bar. I am also open to suggestions here. I've already...