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    June Uconnect Update

    I got the update yesterday. I have not noticed anything new or different.
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    2022 Ram 12" Navigation always shows speed limit at 25 mph

    Uh, no. School zones around here are 15 and the default speed limit where there are no posted speeds is 25. There is no reason for it to show 20 except it does not know the speed limit and it defaults to 20.
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    2022 Ram 12" Navigation always shows speed limit at 25 mph

    I always get 20 mph when it doesn't know the speed limit. Annoying.
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    UConnect does not update Weather Map

    My D5 was occasionally showing traffic. It updated today to S23. 13-Prod. At first it showed the traffic flow, but when I stopped and restarted the truck it did not. I will have to see if/how it works going forward. The other thing that kills me is how often the speed limit is off. It is wrong...
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    UConnect does not update Weather Map

    After a few days, I can report that it is hit and miss. Sometimes things work, sometimes they don't. There is no rhyme nor reason to it as far as I can tell.
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    UConnect does not update Weather Map

    Mine updated to D a few weeks ago. It did not work until yesterday.
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    UConnect does not update Weather Map

    My traffic, gas stations, parking, etc. has been working the past two days. I did not do anything and did not receive any other updates. I think this is entirely on the other end (Tom Tom or whomever is responsible for this). Hopefully, it will continue to work right going forward.
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    Uconnect 5 FOTA S23.13 - Released 02/02/22

    Yep, that is what I have experienced.
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    UConnect does not update Weather Map

    I got the email and all of the updates -- no change. No traffic, no weather, etc. If they think I will ever pay for this garbage, they are nuts. Why would anyone pay for nothing?
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    UConnect does not update Weather Map

    I have the 21C.6 update. It did not help. No weather and no traffic.
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    UConnect does not update Weather Map

    My '22 Limited, too. Also, it never shows the traffic flow, despite having it turned on.
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    Continental Terrain Contact A/T

    HT's for me too. Good tires.
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    New tires

    I switched to the Continental TerrainContact HT tires (on two different Rams) and would highly recommend them. I do not know how long they will last, but the traction on wet and snowy roads is much better than the Bridgestones. They are also quiet and the ride is good.
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    285/45/R22 Continental Terrain Contact AT - Stock 22'' Replacement

    I replaced the Goodyear 22s with the Terrain Contact HPs on my Limited. I know this is primarily about the ATs, but thought I would weigh in just in case anyone is looking at the HPs. There is a night and day difference between the Goodyears and the Continentals. We get a lot of snow around...
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    My Ram app (aka Ram Toolbox)

    Did you give the app permission to access storage? It works for me, even with the updated app, but I had to allow permission to access storage.