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    Please post your Tire and Loading sticker

    Ahh ok, I started using that a few days ago - noticed its actually ACCURATE! I thought you might have been referring to something else when you were thanking a forum member Dawn for a calculator.. Thanks!
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    interchanging any of Ram 1500 wheels?

    I am probably going to be getting a limited with black appearance paackage next year when my lease ends. Seems like it comes with 22" wheels. I personally would rather have the 18" offroad wheels instead. Do you guys know if any Ram can accept any of the wheels on their site? Anyone do that...
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    Please post your Tire and Loading sticker

    Wait, is there another payload calculator out there I don't k now about? Can someone send me link? I tried to search the forum after I saw this post but came up with nothing. Thanks
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    Please post your Tire and Loading sticker

    FYI the MFT and Rambox are the big killers, they will drop your payload real low ..
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    2020 Limited Black Appearance Group

    Yeah I'd love to get the payload numbers on this. I am towing a trailer and every pound helps! I noticed there were a few options I wouldn't have wanted with the black appearance, such as the harman kardon system, etc.
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    Bicycle Hauling

    I like this idea! Doesn't feel over engineered at all. Takes up less space and is elegant. The blanket over the bike is definitely my go-to for short trips from home to the trails. However for bike trips, I have bike racks installed on top of the bed, with this method I can tow a camper while...
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    Bicycle Hauling

    Yeah I saw another trucker do it with his bikes. Hes been doing it for years and never had even a scratch on the tailgate or his bike. I have done it for over a year now and it stays on no problem. It may tiltone way or the other like 10 degrees tops, but it has never dislodged. I use a bungee...
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    Bicycle Hauling

    You guys are over-thinking and over-engineering it. I just use moving pads :)
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    Finally done!

    More pics please! I want to do the same thing. My truck is pretty much the same except I opted for the chrome bumpers :(
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    How to setup WD Hitch w/Air Suspension

    Judging by your message I take it you finally not the bullet and got a new ram?
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    How to setup WD Hitch w/Air Suspension

    No problem DD, totally understand. I'm picking up my trailer in Pennsylvania tomorrow coincidentally. Plan to head to hershey and Harrisburg as first stops. Any suggestions on must-see spots for Family with two kids (ages 5 & 7)?
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    How to setup WD Hitch w/Air Suspension

    Thanks for the guidance, the process seems pretty straight forward. Anybody else try it and found it wasn't that easy ?
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    How to setup WD Hitch w/Air Suspension

    Thanks devil. I'm horrible at searching, I couldn't find the posts that specifically dealt with this. I'll continue to look. Thanx for the info
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    How to setup WD Hitch w/Air Suspension

    Hi all, Going to be towing my first camper this saturday with my truck w/air suspension. I was wondering what is the proper process for setting up the WD hitch with the truck. My concern is that the air suspension and WD hitch will be working against each other. Again I am totally new at this...
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    Good Information

    For what it's worth, my truck has about 1800 miles on it. The eco light comes on very frequently (i drive like a grandpa) and I have noticed it right away even in the first month of owning the truck. Have you tried checking whether the eco indicator light is set to show? By default it was off...
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    Let's hear about the trouble free trucks

    1,400 miles trouble free so far! My truck was built in November 18'
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    New Ram SPORT trim!!!!!

    Are you still in the Boston area? How did you get a Sport if so? Isn't it only in Canada?
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    RamBox (only) Tonneau

    I actually refunded the cover. I had to change my truck order , I ended up getting a retraxone XR instead.
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    Who converted to pickup trucks because of the 2019 Ram

    First time truck buyer as well. Like many I have slowly been working my way up to trucks. Started out with cars like the Sonata, then went to Jeep Grand Cherokee and now my first truck. For me, the advanced tech, beautiful interior, and smooth ride made me pass on the F150 for a Ram. That and...