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  1. NorthStar


    A heads up for anyone thinking of purchasing from MOPAR OEM PARTS DIRECT as these guys are crooks. When you place an order online, they give you a price for shipping however it is an estimated price. I've found their price of shipping is actually 40% to 50% higher than the "estimate" price...
  2. NorthStar

    DEF Tank SKID PLATE made of FELT is Garbage

    Rather than repost, I'll simply provide a link to see if anyone else is experience this and if so what fix you or your dealer may have provided. This could be a hot seller for B2 Fabrication (forum sponsor) as it would involve using the felt "skid plate" as a template for a thin metal skid...
  3. NorthStar

    Block Heater - No Longer a Freebie

    I spoke with a salesman today at Gillman CJDR who I’ve known for a number of years and learned block heaters are no longer installed on all Ecodiesels effective the end of August 2021. He stated buyers are now required to purchased the Ecodiesel with the Cold Weather Package or if ordering the...
  4. NorthStar

    Geno’s Garage Locking Diesel Cap

    For those interested, I receive my Geno’s locking fuel cap today and it fits like a glove. It’s solid, rotates over the top fuel filler lip and locks down solid. They aren’t cheap but worth every penny when you have teens in your neighborhood like mine where I don’t think they’ve had their ***...
  5. NorthStar

    OBDLink MX+ and Ecodiesel

    I wanted to pass on my recent experience with my MX+ which I have set up per the gauges in the pic below. I was driving my wife to Walmart here in town when I noticed the white “Normal Regen” state gauge in the pick below swing from 0 to 1 (left to right) which told me it was attempting to do a...
  6. NorthStar

    Shake Down List

    Well, I’ve had my 21 Ecodiesel for almost sixty days and dropped it off this morning with the following new truck “shakedown list”: 1. CEL - P2297 & P026D codes 2. The rear of the transfer case has a drip where the shaft goes into it. I hope they can get it all fixed soon as they were out of...
  7. NorthStar

    Undercover Elite LX ABS Tonneau Covers - Hot Buy at Amazon

    I just purchased an Undercover Elite LX cover for $789 plus tax. They have various colors available at these prices if interested. Below are examples of different colors with some as low as $763!
  8. NorthStar

    Fuel Filter Change

    Growing up on a Midwest farm, I was always taught to change diesel fuel filters in the first ten hours of operating a new tractor or combine. Right or wrong, I followed what my grandfather taught me especially given the fact this truck has sat on the dealer lot since October 2020. I grabbed...
  9. NorthStar

    TheftPatrolPlus GPS Tracker Removal - Junk installed by Dealer

    I was not a happy camper yesterday when I was getting ready to depart the dealer with my shiny new 2021 Ram 1500 Ecodiesel. The salesperson at the last moment told me they threw in a TheftPatrol GPS tracking system (https://theftpatrolplus.com/en/home/). I told them from the start that I...
  10. NorthStar

    New Ecodiesel - Fingers Crossed

    Well, I traded my 2020 Lone Star eTorque 2WD for a new 2021 Big Horn Ecodiesel 4WD today. It seemed like too good a deal to pass up since it was built in October 2020 and been sitting on the lot for a number of months. MSRP was $59,760 and I got it out the door for $54K whcih included TTL and...
  11. NorthStar


    I realize we have a number of former military and USAA members on the forum. I wanted to pass on that if you’re a member of USAA, they are refinancing vehicles at 1.89% for up to 63 months. I received a flier and decided to bite…fastest and easiest process I’ve ever been through. Even my...
  12. NorthStar

    Brake Light Plastic Retainers

    For anyone interested who is replacing bulbs in the rear tail light/turn signal, the plastic retainers (Part No. 6512734AA) can get a little knarled up when removing them. They can be purchased much cheaper on eBay than at the dealer. The dealers are charging anywhere from $1.10 to $2.89 each...
  13. NorthStar

    Autostop Eliminator

    I’m no fan of the auto start/stop on my 2020 and decided to do something about it. I researched a number of options and decided to go with the Autostop Eliminator because it doesn’t change the system and can easily be removed, if necessary. It plugs via provided jumper into the security...