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  1. Duran

    Pedal commander or not. ????

    Is there a real benefit to the pedal commander. As far as eco mode and of course the beast mode!!!!!!!. And pics any one ??? What is your suggestion ???
  2. Duran

    Will they fit ???

    2020 laramie 4x4 with a 2.5 in leveling kit. I wanna run 33x12.5 KO2s. Will these fit my wells with no rub
  3. Duran

    Exhaust leak anyone

    Ive complained the dealer that my truck has a weird sound while in low rpms and while accelerating. To me seems clear to be exhaust manifold leak. But of course id have to make it clear as day to the dealer in order for them to begin to look at it. Does anyone have a def way to tell me what an...
  4. Duran

    Paint correction tips . All help needed.

    Finally ready to rid my baby of the swirl marks and minor scuffs. I am timid about using compund and polish with a DA polisher but it need to be done . So far i have the clay bar , mcguires compund and polish. A DA polisher and looking to get her done before the heat. Looking for tips advice...
  5. Duran

    A/C Noise ?? Very annoying

    Usually noises are covered with the sound of metal barring over the stereo. While driving about 65 against the wind with automatic A/C on i hear a faint kind whinning noise. it was comming from the A/C . i turned all A/C off not the fans and the noise went away. Although some slipknot and...
  6. Duran

    New Jet Ski "ram edition"

    https://www.instagram.com/p/CAgVfbMBZTF/?utm_source=ig_embed&ig_rid=5c11fc83-a238-4e3a-9f80-7854b2bd1a70 What do you do with your ram
  7. Duran

    Whats up with this????

    2020 laramie . After washing my truck i discover a little lesk on both sides of ny rear window in the far corners by the doors. I do have a middle window. Anyone else????
  8. Duran

    Whats your milage per tank and gallon

    https://www.glennpolkdodgechryslerjeepram.com/blog/how-far-can-i-go-on-a-single-tank-of-gas-in-the-2020-ram-1500/ I get around 3 something per 23 gallon tank
  9. Duran

    Da polisher

    How exactly do I use my da polisher.
  10. Duran

    Slight acceleration delay

    2020 ram 1500 4x4. I was making a right turn coming out of the turn i gave her all juice. There was a momentarily delay before i got the response from the accelerator being pressed down rather quickly . Is this normal. The delay was for a second and i did it further down the road and xhecked my...
  11. Duran

    Running engine noise

    While running i have a squeaking noise while running. Maybe my expectations for this 2020 is to high and want it to be silent or do i just have high expectations.
  12. Duran

    Exhaust manifold leak ?????

    How do you spot an exhaust manifold leak. Imma post a video on this thread when my truck is cold.
  13. Duran

    Lets see those wheels set ups with off sets

    Looking for new wheels with a -12 off set not sure to go with. Post pics and offset number
  14. Duran

    Need Tire Advice 😬😬

    I have a 2020 1500 laramie. I added a 2.5 levelimg kit. On 20" rims. Question is. Im looking to buy nitto ridge grapplers. 33 /12.4 on 20s. Will the fit in my wells. Without rub. Anyone have this set up . Waiting to pull the trigger.
  15. Duran

    Best dash cam??? And pics

    Ive heard the blackvue is the best dash cam. Im looking for a rear view mount system and both front and back. Whos got the hook up
  16. Duran


  17. Duran

    Coming soon!!!!!!!!!

    Just received my paragoptics lights. Ill be making a video the next day. What should i post. What would be most useful to see.
  18. Duran

    Whos got the best reverse light hook up🤔🤔

    Wanting to mount reverse lights on my 1500. Whos got the best hook up. Parts name and pics 👀👀👀
  19. Duran

    Oil change ???

    Bu tje time i get to the dealer i will be 500 miles over my due date for my oil change. Will i be ok
  20. Duran

    W.t. f. is this !!!!!! Be cautious ⚠️

    Home in san bernardino i come out to see this in the parking lot. What is it supposed to be. An f450 chopped up. Im not a ford fan but i did cry a little inside for the truck that once was