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  1. KiloFive

    Fender flare

    @dieldrin They would be slightly wider than the Laramie flares, but not enough to cover your tire poke. :)
  2. KiloFive

    Fender flare

    They’re just shy of 1.5” from the center of the screw holes along the inside of the fender.
  3. KiloFive

    Front Skid Plate

    @MurrayB - Possibly a stupid question: How did you mount this to the front bumper? Are you using bolts with threaded spring clips, or are you managing to get washers and nuts in behind the plate (which seems like it would involve a lot of swearing...)???
  4. KiloFive

    Front skid plate after airdam removal??

    Was searching the same topic today after an off-road outing this past weekend. Seems like the best result is to head to a local fabricator / metal working shop and have one done up for you. This thread has some good examples: https://5thgenrams.com/community/threads/front-skid-plate.21724/
  5. KiloFive

    Built to serve wheels on Granite Crystal?

    Mophead - The shadows on the wheels look weird because it’s not consistent with lighting on the truck. Side-effect of a 2-min photo edit without too much attention to detail. 😆 The style of those wheels in looks quite good in person! Looking forward to pics of your Nite wheels in granite grey. 👍🏻
  6. KiloFive

    Tire fill assist

    I went from 22” rims to 18” Rebel wheels... is there anyway to alter the system’s “set” pressures for the higher PSI tires? Current tires are about 50 psi vs the previous 36 psi. Thanks!
  7. KiloFive

    Official Limited Night Editions (post pics!)

    Evolution of my Sport - Night addition.
  8. KiloFive

    B.C Roll Call

    Checking in from the Greater Vancouver area. (y)
  9. KiloFive

    Help - Falken Wildpeak Measured diameter

    Thanks all, this is immensely helpful!!
  10. KiloFive

    Help - Falken Wildpeak Measured diameter

    That is interesting! Thanks for that. Now I wonder if all tires consistently measure ~1” smaller than spec. I get that tires will compress under weight of the vehicle, though I measured from ground to the top of the tire AND horizontally across the tire and got the same result. 🤷‍♂️
  11. KiloFive

    Help - Falken Wildpeak Measured diameter

    Hi Folks - Need your help. I want to up change from my OEM 22" wheels & tires to 20" wheels with Wildpeak A/T3Ws - 275/60r20. Critically, I have underground parking and my clearance is... tight. The current tires are 285/45r22 - on paper these are 32", but measured at 31" diameter. Can...
  12. KiloFive

    Built to serve wheels on Granite Crystal?

    You're welcome. You're right, I don't hate it either. I just don't like that colour as much as black wheels. The two different greys make is seem just a little off to my eyes. Good chance it would like nicer in real life with the same lighting. 😄
  13. KiloFive

    Built to serve wheels on Granite Crystal?

    Quick photoshop 'cause I had the same question... I'm not thrilled with it. The BTS wheels are just a little too light compared to the Crystal Granite...
  14. KiloFive

    Fender flare

    Thanks! The mopar set are my favourite. The aftermarket flares seem to go too high up the fender for me. I’m running OEM 22in, with stock 285/45/22. Wanting a more rugged look with AT wheels and tires - OEM Rebel 18” wheel & rubber would make me happy. I can’t seem to find another wheel...
  15. KiloFive

    Fender flare

    I have the Mopar flares (PN: 82215284AB), unpainted, on my 2021 Sport. A little pricey but they were easily available and exactly the size and look that I wanted. Now I just need wheels / tires to fit the space better.