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    Trailer sway with air ride

    I had 45 psi in the truck tires for the camping trip this past weekend. I followed IvoryHemi's setup and added one more washer (total 7) and raised the hitch ball up two holes. I had to raise the tongue jack a little higher to get the spring bars on. That change seems to have eliminated the...
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    Trailer sway with air ride

    Six washers. I don't have a recent picture as I had dropped the ball one slot and added a washer in search of an improvement since this picture. The CAT scale is on the to-do list.
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    Trailer sway with air ride

    The only thing that bugs me is the wiggle in the truck cab as a result of constant wind pushing on open highways and Interstates doing 60-70mph. The constant minor steering corrections and minor ab workout is sometimes fatiguing. I have done the WDH adjustments per Equalizer's instructions for...
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    Factory trailer brake controller - can it work automatically below 15 mph?

    I am in the category of "dealing with it". I just try and ease into the slowdown and anticipate the jolt as I hit the 15mph threshold. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    How big have you towed? w/Pics no tricks!

    Nice truck. Grand Design would have been our 2nd choice. We went with a 2021 Shadow Cruiser 248RKS.
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    What is this intermittent booming noise coming from the back?

    I have not done anything to address it. It has diminished over time. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    What is this intermittent booming noise coming from the back?

    This drove me nuts when I first got my Limited. Pretty much spot on at 39/40 MPH I would hear this drone in the cabin. +/- 1MPH from there and the drone goes away. I started using the drone noise to tell me when I was doing 40 MPH without having to look at the speedometer.
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    Trailer sway with air ride

    I just noticed that the Equal-i-zer folks recently posted a WDH setup video that focuses on tow vehicles that have four-corner air suspension. Part of their video uses a RAM in their instructions. Very helpful IMHO. I need to run through this and likely make some adjustments before the next...
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    Trailer sway with air ride

    I agree with the RV dealer hitch installation. Interesting thought on the bar tension as I would have thought the opposite. The sway I experience seems to be mostly with gusty winds. Not necessarily a white knuckle ride in every situation but much more vigilance and small steering corrections...
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    Towing Without Tow Mirrors

    I have the K-Source Snap & Zap Custom Towing Mirrors - Snap On mirrors on my 2020 Limited for the same reason. They work great but are finger busters, especially when removing them.
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    Third Tow with New Travel Trailer Coming Up

    New truck and new travel trailer first-timer. Tow #2 was not so much fun with 25-30ish MPH gusting winds during a 3.2 hour drive back home. Constant steering corrections and trying not to look at the back of the trailer doing some wagging. The weird thing is when I got back into my truck...