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  1. BoBosarge

    2019 Ram Air Conditioner (automatically comes on)

    Yes I am following the directions and operating it correctly. What I am saying is when the green light is off (on the temp control knob), meaning the a/c is off, and the fan is blowing (just to circulate air in the cabin), the a/c compressor will still come on intermittently and freeze you out...
  2. BoBosarge

    2019 Ram Air Conditioner (automatically comes on)

    So I have a concern about my Ram's air conditioner. During the February/March time frame when outside temps were averaging in the low 60's, there was no need for the air conditioner so it was turned off. BUT with the fan blowing just to keep fresh air in the truck, the air conditioner would...
  3. BoBosarge

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Added a Peragon Bed Cover. Very pleased with the cover and support from the company on the installation.
  4. BoBosarge

    DIY Oil Change Shopping list for the 5.7

    I just completed my first oil change on my 2019 Ram Laramie. It has 1056 miles on it. I just wanted to throw out a few tidbits of information in case anyone was curious. 1. 1/2 inch standard wrench for the drain plug. I was really surprised to find out it was not metric. 2. I wound up using...
  5. BoBosarge

    My first Ram

    2019 Ram 1500 Laramie, Crew Cab, Billet Silver, 5' 7" bed, 2wd, 5.7 HEMI, 3.21 rear axle, Level 1 equipment group. LOVE MY TRUCK!!! Biloxi, MS.