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  1. Belvedere

    What's hanging from your mirror?

    Just curious... Everyone likes to personalize their vehicles. Some do stickers, graphics or even a small stuffed Yeti in the console... Post pix or just tell us...
  2. Belvedere

    Wheel well liners or undercoat

    Figure I need to do something to protect the exposed paint above the rear wheels. Like everyone else I've been considering liners, but liners can be hard to clean behind and cause mud to build up, and cause problems. Is that a big concern with these trucks? I was considering Mopar liners. My...
  3. Belvedere

    Air bags and Hellwig?

    Sorry if I missed this somewhere... Planning on adding Timber Grove air bags, and was wanting to do the Hellwig bar even before I decided to do bags. Just curious if anyone has both. Do the bags help and the Hellwig is not needed, or possibly not a good combo? This is for my 22 Rebel, no...
  4. Belvedere

    New guy from MO

    Hey, email confirmation finally went through... 😀 I bought a 22 Rebel last week. Had been looking at Nissan and Toyota as well. Was pretty sure I was going to order a Big Horn Back Country though. While test driving a Titan Pro4X the Ram sales guy called to say a Rebel just rolled in on...