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  1. jmt8706

    Memorial Day 2022 Sales

    If you guys hear or see any websites giving sales, post it here. (y)
  2. jmt8706

    Meguiars Perfect Clarity glass cleaner

    Just saw this stuff and thought I would try it. I have had good luck with all of their products so far. My interior side of the windshield had a lot of streaks and smudging, as well as the new car haze at the bottom of the windshield. This stuff cut through all of it, and the windshield looks...
  3. jmt8706

    Future Dodge, Ram Engines Could Have a Turbo Cast Directly Into the Head

    The document notes that this water jacket for the turbo also cools the aluminum wastegate, and it may be plumbed right into the head. Alternatively, the coolant can be routed to and from somewhere else on the motor, perhaps in an attempt to keep the head cool and prevent detonation. It’s worth...
  4. jmt8706

    Music - What are you listening to?

    Post it up.
  5. jmt8706

    UC5 OTA Update 2/5/2022

    Got the update today for the 8.4 UC5. Version 141.01.12 Improvements: 1. SXM radio stability improvements 2. Climate control screen improvements 3. Voice call improvements 4. Additional software improvement.
  6. jmt8706

    New USPS Vans Get Worse Fuel Economy Than A Ram TRX

    No more complaining about fuel economy lol. https://carbuzz.com/news/new-usps-vans-get-worse-fuel-economy-than-a-ram-trx
  7. jmt8706

    5.7 Hemi cam lope

    Has anyone else noticed our engine's have a nice lope from the factory cam? I've noticed it most in my garage, or next to the building in a drive thru. Just thought that was cool. It's the first "Hemi" engine I've had.
  8. jmt8706

    8.4 Uconnect 5C Pet Peeve

    I come from the 8.4 Uconnect 4C radio from my cherokee. On the 4C, when in satellite radio mode, only the sat radio presets were available. When in FM, only the FM presets were available, same for AM. On the 8.4 5C radio when I reach the last sat radio preset, the next is FM, and when I move to...
  9. jmt8706

    All things Firearms thread

    I did a search and didn't see any firearm threads, so here is one for all things firearms.
  10. jmt8706

    Rear Window Leak Poll

    Just a theory, but I wondered if the rear window frame crack/leak has to do with vibration from the subwoofer. This is just a theory I'm exploring... Please select if you have the Alpine, or HK audio, or the standard 6 speakers. Next choose if you have, or don't have a leak with your audio...
  11. jmt8706

    Premium Lighting Group (Big Horn trim specifically) Night Pics

    I'd like to see what the light output at night is, and haven't seen anything much online yet. Can members with a Big Horn trim post pics? I only found a quick video on youtube.
  12. jmt8706

    Bridgestone Dueler H/L's in Winter

    For anyone with the Bridgestone Dueler's, how have they done in winter? Reviews rate them as poor. I am already planning to put on something better when mine arrives. Just curious what others who have used them think.
  13. jmt8706

    2022 Ram 1500 Option Changes

    For anyone wanting a 2022... As the RAM brand gears up for the production launch of its 2022 Ram 1500 pickup, our sister site 5thGenRams.com is now learning about the new methods that RAM is taking to ensure that production remains intact as the current semiconductor shortage continues. This...
  14. jmt8706

    Discounts going bye-bye...possibly

    When at the dealer ordering today, I asked about employer discount. The sales guy said employer discount may not be accepted anymore. I hope it doesn't happen, my employer discount is quite good. Have any other sales people heard this? Edited due to info not able to be confirmed yet...
  15. jmt8706

    Hi, hopefully a new Ram owner soon

    Hello from Michigan! I have liked Ram trucks since I saw the red Ram in the movie Twister as a kid. Time to get one. None of the lots have my exact loadout, so I am heading to the dealer to see what they can build. I am excited and can't wait.