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  1. Belvedere

    Tailgate Pad for Mountain Bikes

    We have a Kuat NV 2.0. I really like it, but it's heavy with the 2 bike add on. Looking to get a Kuat Transfer for the car. Your first link didn't work. I still have one like your second link. Don't care for it much. Don't use it much anymore. It was the only thing my wife's old...
  2. Belvedere

    Tailgate Pad for Mountain Bikes

    I almost bought a tailgate pad, but talked to another guy with an eMTB who recommended I stay with the hitch rack. Paint issue was one thing, but lifting a 50lb over the tailgate, especially after a hard ride was the other.
  3. Belvedere

    What did you WITH your Ram this weekend

    Picked up a new to me Smittybilt RTT with anex. This folds up a little smaller than the other one we have. Will go on the wife's Wrangler.
  4. Belvedere

    2020 Big Horn - Not mean looking... help

    Trade for a Rebel? 🤷‍♂️
  5. Belvedere

    Bunkhouse TT recommendations?

    That does make things difficult. If you buy new, I highly recommend you take plenty of time during a walk through to check everything and make them show you how and that everything works properly. Problem is though many don't find the issues till they're driving away and the siding bubbles, or...
  6. Belvedere

    Bunkhouse TT recommendations?

    I would really recommend going used. 2020 or even 2019 and older. There are so many quality issues with every brand and every price point for the last two years.
  7. Belvedere

    $100 DIY low profile bed rack for rooftop tent

    Nice! Post some pix when you get your tent on there. I had been thinking about something like this, but my tent is slightly longer than the bed...
  8. Belvedere

    Post your Rebel pics!

    Awesome! Wanting to do more camping with my truck. We backpack and RV currently. Bought a RTT for the wife's Jeep, but I would like to get a tonneau with rails for a a rack and put the tent on my truck. I have the BUG on my truck. Had a Nissan before this with the Utilitrack. Feel I can't...
  9. Belvedere

    New Member Intro

    Congrats! You're going to love it. I've only had my truck since February, but still love it like the first drive.
  10. Belvedere

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    I love my Rebel OE LED's, but I put LED's in everything now, including the Malibu I recently inherited. Much better.
  11. Belvedere

    grocery hook under rear seats missing

    I remember thinking my truck should have had these. I could see them coming in handy. I have the under seat storage.
  12. Belvedere

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    I just checked these out. Kinda interested. They offer a 5" and 8" tall version. 8" should work with my soft roll up cover. However, my RTT is about 4" longer than the bed. Got to think about this. Had been thinking a hard roll up with T slots and cab height rack. No, these would not work...
  13. Belvedere

    Let's talk about 18" Wheel Fitments

    If the Insurgent didn't have the pockets and elliptical cutouts, 🤨👍. I prefer the Fang.
  14. Belvedere

    Does anyone use Spotify for music?

    Pandora added a cool feature a few years back called Thumbprint Radio. It will play all your thumbs up songs, and related songs. So, I get a very good mix of genres.
  15. Belvedere

    Does anyone use Spotify for music?

    I've been using Pandora free for years, even when I was paying for Sirius. I think you only get 5 skips/hour, but I like that I can pick an artist or genre and it will help me find songs I wasn't aware of, and then as mentioned I can thumb up to hear more of it or down to not hear it again. I...
  16. Belvedere

    Where to put the dog…..

    We bought a back seat cover made for dogs. It can cover just the back seat or be attached to the front seat head rests and cover the back of the front seats. They also make covers for door panels, but not sure how they work. I'm still too afraid to let my dog ride in the Ram. She went...
  17. Belvedere

    Let's talk about 18" Wheel Fitments

    I would just like to run a little wider tire without going crazy. Current Rebel wheels set the front tires almost against the upper control arms. I don't want anything bigger than 18, and I do prefer the "ballooned" tire on most my vehicles, especially 4wd. However, I'm not crazy about 90% of...
  18. Belvedere

    June Uconnect Update

    😵‍💫 I still remember the old days when it was battery, ignition, ground and 4 speakers.
  19. Belvedere

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Well, I guess putting it in 4wd and locking the axle would have worked too, but I was trying to get back on pavement in a tight spot and in 4wd it's difficult to get a full lock on the steering wheel while barely or not moving. Right rear was barely making contact in loose dirt. Front wheels...
  20. Belvedere

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    I washed mine hoping it would rain... guess I should have left it outside?