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  1. Bredtodo

    Train Horn Installed

    I wanted to wake up the mutant Florida drivers that annoy me. So the horns got added. Kleinn H7, and poof... a little aide to wake up the dead.
  2. Bredtodo

    Rough Country Lift on Limited with Air Suspension

    I finally got my lift installed. 5 1/2” Rough Country on my limited with Air Suspension. Sorry for the ****ty pictures, I need to get some better ones soon.
  3. Bredtodo

    Save AC and Seat Comfort Settings

    I must be doing something wrong. Because I thought when you save the memory to my remote, it would save the ventilated seat settings, and what I left the last AC setting to. Or am I just making this up?
  4. Bredtodo

    Train Horn / Air Horn

    Has anyone installed a train horn on the 2019 yet? I’m trying to figure out good spots to mount the air tank and the horns.
  5. Bredtodo

    What mud flaps

    What mud flaps did everyone go with? I have the stock fender flares.