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  1. Mudstone

    Dash and UConnect Brightness

    This was odd? Daytime driving, wipers set to intermittent. Instrument lights on, then after about 1 minute, all lights and 12" panel turns off. I turn wipers off, lights come back on, back to intermitent and after a minute, all lights off, can't see spedometer etc.... Does this sound right...
  2. Mudstone

    TPMS not installed

    Hi, can anyone comment that if you don't have the TPMS sensors installed (say winter tires), will the 2020 RAM 1500 throw a fault all winter long (7 months here in Ontario)? thanks!
  3. Mudstone

    RAM 1500 Cabin Air Flow

    Hi, hope someone can comment. In previous vehicles, there has always been some air flow into the cabin (without turning on the fan). This truck seems to have zero air flow into the cabin unless the fan is turned on? The reason I'm posting is that I care not to use the fan and the front...