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  1. J

    10K Service Charges seem odd.

    Fuel filter drain is trivial. The biggest pain is the disposal of contaminated diesel. It's not that hard or messy. Be mindful to make sure the fuel filter is full before starting the truck. I cycle into the run position without starting multiple times to try and help make sure the fuel...
  2. J

    DEF at the pump?

    The def tank does not fit a full 8 gal. initial def usage will also be higher on a new truck too. It's hard to say how much you used but I can't imagine you're under 2000miles per gal of def.
  3. J

    Where to put the dog…..

    Based off what you described a bed shell sounds like the only way. I would never put a kennel under a tonneau cover. Not enough air flow, in theory you could make some hvac and monitoring setup, but it seems scary to me. I wouldn't want my dog back there knowing how quickly and how hot it can...
  4. J

    Any high mileage diesels, how are they holding up?

    Not a must, but I do. A little insurance for the CP4 high pressure fuel pump. Biodiesel actually will give you better lubrication than any additive. But more than B5 and you need to increase your oil change frequency. My additive also increases cethane which helps for less soot production...
  5. J

    Recall of High Pressure Fuel Pump

    Using biodiesel can notably improve lubrication, likely better than any additive. So far I almost always use B5 to B20. Though I still use an additive to demulsify water and improve cethane.
  6. J

    Poor quality on Back-Up Camera on 2022 Tradesmen

    Looks fine to me, it's a backup camera not a movie
  7. J

    Adaptive Cruise

    I rarely engage it in heavy traffic. It's well tuned for light traffic that's moving at a similar speed, but not for coming up on sudden stops or stop and go traffic. Accelerates and brakes too sudden IMO. I have tried to adjust the distance to soften it, and it helps but is not enough. I...
  8. J

    Bed Clearance under Tonneau

    I did a quick measure with my MX4. The low part on the MX4 is the bars going across where the handles are. From my bed mat to the bottom of those bars it's almost exactly 20in. My bed mat is 3/8in thick, so without a bed mat I would say it would be right close to 20.5 inches of clearance.
  9. J

    Fuel and def cap?

    I know of no other place making these. I got both from Geno's but only use the diesel fuel cap FWIW. The DEF cap is not worth it IMO, it's not a smooth or easy fit on my truck at least.
  10. J

    Overlanding in a Longhorn

    FWIW, lifting the ecodiesel will incur worse axle angles than lifting the hemi. Being wider causes the axle's to be shorter and thus lifting incurs a greater angle increase. So far I am choosing to wait on a lift for my ED. Lockers are the same, it's the 4x4 transfer case that is different...
  11. J

    Overlanding in a Longhorn

    Exterior style for one ;) But seriously this is what I can think of: One notable loss would be the larger wheels of the longhorn. The smallest wheels you can get are 20in, and may be 22 depending on the package. I am pretty sure the bumpers on the longhorn are not as robust either, on the...
  12. J

    Diesel even worth it still?

    I don't think the price increases can be simplified to a single source. I saw this video yesterday and they make some interesting points about how there is a lack of investment in fossil fuel infrastructure. During good times that's not a significant issue but it can cause some stability...
  13. J

    Diesel even worth it still?

    I believe they mention 87 because at altitude they sell mid-grade at 87 since the altitude also resists pre-detonation. They clarify this with the sentence directly after by describing it as "Plus" which to me indicates mid-grade for the relative altitude of your region. Obviously many people...
  14. J

    2023 new cluster leaked

    I don't really care about digital vs "analog". The issue I would face with it is the lack of information presented. I like how much is shown on the current cluster without having to dive into a lot of menus. And the configuration of what is displayed in the current cluster is pretty good...
  15. J

    Diesel even worth it still?

    Given current prices I am still saving $5 per 100 miles compared to a Hemi. Might not sound like much, but to me the diesel provides significant advantages outside of just money savings.
  16. J

    Connected Services Not Active - No SOS / Wi-Fi / Health Reports

    I had similar issues when my recent purchase completed. I tried Sirius support and waited for a couple days hoping a push or something would just fix it. As a final attempt before going to the dealer I disconnected the battery, waited a bit, reconnected and waited over night. In the morning...
  17. J

    Extended warranty pick

    I also heavily considered a 3rd party warranty. I don't know anything about Darwin, but generalizing the options I faced: 1) 3rd party warranty that would be cheaper, 2 years longer (10 years), and likely well served by the specific dealership selling the truck to me. It had concerning fine...
  18. J

    Renewable Diesel Fuel #2

    The ecodiesel can't do more than B20.
  19. J

    Rear Window leak

    I don't completely disagree, that would be nice. But you do loose about 6 or 8in of rear space to make room for the window to slide down on the Toyota.
  20. J

    What do I need to catch up on?

    In the 2022 year you had to order it from the factory. Previous years you could just buy the cord, but 2022 you have to get it as an option to get the heater + cord. If you don't have it, I would not worry about it too much. You don't _need_ the heater until those temps. My reasons for using...