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  1. nimbus

    Anybody run Nittos at stock size?

    Want to replace my out of round (and not covered by warranty) OE Bridgestones with some Nittos. Does anyone run them at stock size (for me, that's 275/55R20) on stock wheels? Part of me wants to put on the 2" Mopar lift and run a larger tire but the part of me that has to pay for everything...
  2. nimbus

    Bridgestone OE tire warranty will only replace 1 out of round tire even if my brand new truck has 3 eggs on it

    Per their original equipment warranty, Bridgestone will only replace a maximum of 1 tire within the first 1/32" on original equipment for any vibration concern. They do not warranty road force in any way. So Ram can sell me a brand new $67,000 truck with 4 brand new tires on it, 3 of them can be...
  3. nimbus

    OEM Bridgestone Tire Warranty

    Was finally able to trace the vibration issues I've been having with my brand new Laramie to some out of round tires. 3 of the 4 tires measured road force above 24 pounds, and one of them even measured 41 pounds! So I've basically been driving on 3 eggs since day one. My dealership says they...
  4. nimbus

    Additional storage compartment next to USB ports under radio?

    What determines whether or not you get the storage next to USB ports 1 and 2 under the radio, like this? I had a 2020 Big Horn that looked like the picture above, but my 2022 Laramie looks like this: I'd love to have that little storage area. Is it possible to switch mine out for the other?
  5. nimbus

    Has anyone replaced stock springs with ORP springs but kept stock shock absorbers?

    I've seen this question asked before here but never answered. Looking for the least expensive way to achieve the 1" lift of the ORP and this would seem to be it, if the stock (non-heavy duty) shock absorbers can support it. Has anyone done it?
  6. nimbus

    Anyone ever upgraded from standard to off road package suspension?

    I went from a 2020 Big Horn with the ORP to a 2022 Laramie with the standard suspension. I hate the way the new truck rides (it’s so smooth maybe I’m feeling too much?) and think I would prefer the feel of the off-road suspension. Am I crazy for wanting to do this? If I were to do this, what...
  7. nimbus

    Ride quality difference with and without e-torque?

    I went from a 2020 Big Horn with e-torque to a 2022 Laramie without it and I swear the ride quality in my new truck is worse. So much worse, in fact, that I took the Laramie back to the dealership after 200 miles because I was convinced a wheel was out of balance or something. I feel more...
  8. nimbus

    One click access to backup camera from home screen?

    I recently traded my 2020 for a 2022. In my 2020 with UConnect 4, I was able to drag the backup camera icon to the bottom menu bar so I could access it anytime. It doesn't look like this is possible with UConnect 5. Is there any way I can get my backup camera to appear more quickly than having...
  9. nimbus

    Rear seat fold-down center console upgrade?

    My 2020 Big Horn has the fold-down center console with the two cupholders. I believe the higher trim levels have a storage compartment in addition to the cupholders in theirs. Is it possible to swap one out for the other? Is there a part number for it?
  10. nimbus

    Where to find plastic fasteners/rivets for WeatherTech bug deflector

    I lost one of the six plastic fasteners used to attach the WeatherTech bug deflector under the rubber seal while I was installing it. Are these a standard part/size that I can get from an auto parts store or should I contact WeatherTech for an extra?
  11. nimbus

    $4600 to upgrade to UConnect 12

    I had a local shop quote me $4600 to upgrade my 8.4 non-NAV to the UConnect 12. $4000 of that is the part from Infotainment.com. I've gone through the thread detailing the process, but has anyone distilled this down to a single list of parts and steps to accomplish this upgrade? I feel like I...
  12. nimbus

    eTorque impact on mpg

    How can eTorque increase the rated mpg by 10%? Is it just from the auto-stops or is there anything else it is doing to impact mpg while driving?
  13. nimbus

    Is there any good reason NOT to have rear wheelhouse liners?

    My new 1500 didn't include them and it just looks "unfinished" in the back. I assume I don't need to worry about what's being "exposed" by not having them but is there actually any good reason not to have them? I would like to add them. I have fender flares (it's a BTS) so I'm hoping it will be...