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  1. Snwjnky

    Black Camo Decals for Tailgate RAM Letters?

    Anyone ever come across matte black camo decals for the big RAM letters on the tailgate? Cant find anything other than buying a roll and trying to cut them myself. Thinking it might look good on my silver Rebel. Something sorta like this... Less noticeable the better.
  2. Snwjnky

    Looking For a Beer Name

    Looking for some help with a name for the latest batch. It's a Blonde Ale, 4.5% ABV, not hoppy, and gold in color. Easy drinking beer. My first thought was "Pandemic Ale". But I think I want to go with something a little more positive, but keep what's going on in mind. The last batch was...
  3. Snwjnky

    Poll: Niners or Chiefs?

    Poll closes Saturday Feb 1st. Should be a good game :D(y)
  4. Snwjnky

    New Member - 2020 Rebel On The Way

    2020 Rebel - waiting at the train station Billet Silver Air Rebel 12 Other good stuff I'm so excited! Martinez, CA (Bay Area)