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  1. PorBoy

    May need to come back.

    As many of you know I used to have a 5th gen and just wasn’t using it so purchased my current Audi. Have only driven it (10) times since December. Just found out yesterday that due to a couple of recent vehicle accidents, my left leg is 1” shorter then my right. So with that being the case it’s...
  2. PorBoy

    Ok I’ve narrowed down my project Ram search.

    Yes I know I’ve sold my Laramie that was modded and picked up an Audi. But since I’m not spending any money on that vehicle , I’ve got quite a stash left over. So here are my basic wants and what I will be doing to what I’m labeling my beater Ram. Tradesman crew cab 4x4 with 33 gallon tank, body...
  3. PorBoy

    Does anyone on here own a lifted Tradesman ?

    Just trying out some ideas since I can no longer mod my Audi. :(
  4. PorBoy

    I’m going to miss you folks.....

    Well it has been a great run, and I’ve met a ton of really nice folks. The Ram has been a great toy in which to showcase my creative side. Oh who am I kidding lol it’s lightened my wallet but in a good way. But she’s moving on and I’m moving out. I’m going the way of Audi as that’s been my...
  5. PorBoy

    Must be that time again lol.

    For some odd reason being on lockdown has me looking at swapping tires. I’m currently on Nittos 35x12.50 R20 and am thinking about 37x12.50 instead. Any thoughts plus or minus, take in account this truck does not go off road at all.
  6. PorBoy

    What’s your Kryptonite when it comes to mods ?

    Mine has always been exhaust as I’ve swapped out more times then law allows lol. It used to be SQ audio, but with the tech in these new vehicles, started to become more of a hassle.
  7. PorBoy

    How long do you think you could go without personalizing your new Ram lol.

    My wife complains that even before signing for things, I’ve already ordered parts. What can I say I have a weakness. To me no matter how great I think a vehicle is, I don’t want the same one parked next to me at the light. What say yee folks ? Also this is just a light hearted posting so no...
  8. PorBoy

    We are back to the signatures again ?

    Just noticed on mine that I am back in the saddle again lol.
  9. PorBoy

    Looking for what you use as your receiver hitch cover.

    Right now I have the Transformer one, but sadly due to the sun it’s fading. So I’m on the hunt for a replacement asap...
  10. PorBoy

    Anyone with a Longhorn care to answer this please ?

    Does the Longhorn come with lighted cup holders ?
  11. PorBoy

    Wild question lol

    Do any of the 5th gen 1500 come with all clear glass all around ? I have a new thought / project and before addressing it would need this information. Thanks in advance for any and all help folks. :)
  12. PorBoy

    Anyone running BF Goodrich KM3 on their trucks ?

    I really like how they seem to make any wheel an aggressive look. But I know for my winter wheels it won’t due since I do not believe their are snow rated. But they have that look that makes me look twice lol.
  13. PorBoy

    Welcome to the forum.

    I’ve read several things on you folks and I believe a couple of folks on here have purchased from you. :)
  14. PorBoy

    Let’s list who’s on BDS lifts and wheel / tire combo.

    If this is already listed somewhere, mods please delete. I figure this is a good way to share good / not so good experience in our quest for lifting. Also gives new forum members a chance to see what options are or will be available to them. Again if this has already been posted please delete...
  15. PorBoy

    Who still has the passenger tires that came on their truck still on ?

    Looking to see if anyone has swapped wheels but has kept the factory tires on them.
  16. PorBoy

    Blitzs wheels 20x10 -18

    I purchased these as I didn’t want another set of dark wheels, yet I also did not want chrome. Since I have a Billet silver truck, wanted a color that changes like it does. Welcome onboard another set of wheels lol.
  17. PorBoy

    Anyone have those KMC XD 844 Pikes installed ?

    Hopefully you are willing to share some photos. :)
  18. PorBoy

    Ok who’s photoshop is this ?

    My friend loves to send me stuff off of instagram since I don’t belong to any of those social media. This was his latest and he wanted to know if this was real. Well since it’s not mine how the heck would I know lol.
  19. PorBoy

    Yes it’s the pain in the butt again picking your brains lol.

    I just pulled these off on Tuesday and added the basic Laramie wheels paired with my Toyo Open Country tires. I also own a set of Limited wheels with Continental A/T tires mounted. Since I have these extra wheels my thoughts are to pop another set of tires on them. I was thinking 295/70/18 but...
  20. PorBoy

    Anyone have an oem truck ?

    Meaning one that how you got it is how it is ? I mean nothing and I do mean nothing extra has been added. It seems I’ve never met a vehicle stock, yet I have several friends who have never adde anything to the vehicles they’ve purchased lol. If I had stayed stock, that Ram would be paid off...