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  1. Cmerkert

    Anyone Flat Tow their Ram - 12v direct connect power accessory needed?

    I am planning on flat towing my '19 Ram 1500 behind a motor home next summer. I am looking into purchasing an RVI brake controller to have brake assisting in the Ram. On the RVI brake controler site, when I put in the Ram model, it states that I need a 12V Batter Direct Kit. "The 12-Volt...
  2. Cmerkert

    Flat Towing 2019 1500 - Trans N and battery charge/drain?

    Next summer I will be flat-towing my 2019 Limited 4 down behind an RV. I know the Rams are great TOAD vehicles with the N selection on the 4WD selector disabling the drive train. My question is #1 - can anyone confirm that and does the RAM need to be run every 500 miles or so to move tranny...
  3. Cmerkert

    How to disable air suspension auto adjust

    Does anyone know how to disable the air suspension auto adjusting at the different miles per hour speeds. I'm pulling my travel trailer from beach to beach this summer and when I picked it up this morning it set up best in off road one setting everything was nice and level no squat look good...
  4. Cmerkert

    Fit Questions: BFG KO2 LT275/65R20 on stock Limited with air suspension

    Can anyone confirm if the KO2's at 275/65 will fit the stock '19 Limited with no issues or rubbing. Stock size is 275/55 but I want an E rated tire for pulling a trailer, not D (275/55). Has anyone put these on, and how is the ride and road noise? Want to make sure before I pay $1,200 for them.
  5. Cmerkert

    WD Hitch setup with air suspension - How does everyone do theirs?

    I tried to hook up my travel trailer yesterday with weight distribution hitch. In reading the forum and I believe the manual, it states to put it in jack mode to disable air suspension when swtting everything up and then it would auto level. In doing so it permanently locked out the air...
  6. Cmerkert

    Towing & Leveling - set up with suspension

    I tried to hook up my travel trailer yesterday with weight distribution hitch. In reading the forum and I believe the manual, it states to put it in jack mode to disable air suspension when swtting everything up and then it would auto level. In doing so it permanently locked out the air...
  7. Cmerkert

    ETorque button turning off by itself

    So just hey while driving eTorque is deactivating itself. I'll start the truck pull up to it to stop sign and notice it was not shutting down. Look down and the eTorgue off button was lit up. I pressed it which engaged eTorque and the engine shut down. Drove to the next stop sign and the button...
  8. Cmerkert

    Deployable running boards safety retract when parking next to a curb?

    Does anyone know if the automatic deployable side running boards have an automatic retract feature If you park next to a curb or parking lot island and your suspension is in the entry exit mode and they end up making contact with the curb. Will they continue to try to extend and eventually break...
  9. Cmerkert

    Possible FIX! Speaking Your Own Voice-to-Text Reply on Uconnect

    I just received this email from Uconnect regarding it's inability to let us speak our personalized reply to text messages. I am posting the instructions they sent me to enable it. I have no idea if it actually will work or do what we want, but I figured I would copy and post it here ASAP...
  10. Cmerkert

    Key Code # - how/where to find it?

    Does anyone know where to look to find the Key Code #? Filling out the FCA Roadside Assistance card and I see it asks for it. Don't ever plan on using it, but I am sure one would need it if thy lost their fob, etc.
  11. Cmerkert

    Air Suspension Height / Setup for towing on beach

    Just curious what does everyone say the air suspension height at when towing a travel trailer onto soft sand ocean beaches? I know most of the time towing is done in the normal height however when pulling onto soft sand and going through the dunes are you able to put it in off-road one or two...
  12. Cmerkert

    Power Outlets - Rambox Outlet Switch on Instrument Panel - anyone see it?

    I found this while going through some of the intro pages on the website links when I first logged into the Ram Brand site through Mopar. It talked about the 3 power outlets 115v. My question is has anyone seen the actual power outlet switch on the instrument panel that enables/disables power...
  13. Cmerkert

    Voice Recognition - anyone get to send text or search address

    Has anyone been able to get the voice recognition features to work on the 12-in Uconnect? I'm talking specifically about speaking in an address and having it search for it in the navigation and also to reply in a text message play dictating your own message and not having to use their...
  14. Cmerkert

    What are these???

    Pick up my new limited on Friday and The truck is absolutely flawless perfect best writing vehicle I've ever had.and the interior and anemones are second to none. But I have two quick question. Pic 1 & 2. What are these components in the plastic bag It almost looks like a fuse holder and some...
  15. Cmerkert

    Uconnect Access & Text Reply via Speaking

    Is Uconnect Access available on the 2019's? I did not see it listed on their webpage of vehicles, but I would figure it would be available for all new models now. I got my truck yesterday, and everything is great, except being forced to use Uconects predetermined Text Replies. It's annoying...
  16. Cmerkert

    Park Assist

    How does everyone who has it find it works. I've see 2 demos of it on YouTube. It looks like magic! haha. Actually, in each perpendicular parking (parking lot stalls), the truck was shown backing into the stop, stopping, moving forward, and then back in at the final correct angle. Almost...
  17. Cmerkert

    Advice/Help: Truck on "Dealer Hold" 1 day away - How to get it released or comp.

    Looking for some help from the Group on how to get my dealer to actually get my truck delivered (not lip service me) or, some type of "compensation" for the unnecessary delays to motivate them to get it delivered. Oil change (nah, do my own, don't want to drive 1 1/2 hours to get it done at...
  18. Cmerkert

    Who's upgraded to wider tires on Limited or Larime's w/o lift and what did you use?

    Looking to go to a little bit wider tire on my Limited with stock setup 20" rims. Looking for info from others who have changed their tires on setups without lifts. What tires? Sizes? Did they rub? Road noise? Looking to ask the dealer to work a swap price before I pick it up next week...
  19. Cmerkert

    Help - Larger Tires sizes that fit on Stock Setups 285/60or65/R20's. without Rubbing?? Would love some advice and info

    I am about to ask my dealer on a price to swap out the stock 20" tires on my Limited for something a little bit wider and E rated. I would like a tire that is a little bit wider, but not sticking way out of the fenders. They would have to go on the existing stock setup with NO lift (air...
  20. Cmerkert

    BFG KO2's 275/65/20 or similar on Limited? How do they fit/look?

    Is anyone running BF Goodrich KO2's on a Limited 2019 1500? If so, how do they fit in the wheel well? Any rubbing? I looked for 265/60/20 but could not find anything. So anything in the neighbor hood of 275/65/20 would be good. Want them a little more substantial than the stocks, but do...