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  1. BNeal

    Ford takes a shot at Musk - really?

    https://www.businessinsider.com/ford-elon-musk-billionaire-space-race-commercial-f150-2022-5 Glad I drive a Ram!
  2. BNeal

    CPLAY2air causing marital problems...

    So... I installed one of these wireless airplay devices in my '21 Ram Limited. It installed with ease and latched on to my phone without incident. Been running it for about a month without issue, until my wife and I headed out for an evening dinner, when she asked " Who's Daddy"?. I'm like what...
  3. BNeal

    Harmon Kardon Speaker Problem - '21 Limited

    So, my Limited has about 18k miles on it. Up to now the HK system has worked flawlessly. However, got in the truck to come to work today and it sounds like the front left speaker is rattling, distorted, or even blown. I don't play music excessively loud, so I can't imaging it's blown unless it...
  4. BNeal

    Gas Tank Filling Problems

    So, I have never had the problem where I could not fill my gas tank like so many others have reported. But, my local Costco just installed "new and improved" gas pump handles, now I can't lock the lever on the handle and wait while my tank fills - it shuts off every time. So, although a bit of a...
  5. BNeal

    Anyone else get this download?

    If So, any idea what it is?
  6. BNeal

    UC-5 How do you like it?

    For those of you that moved from an older gen 5 to the '22 model with UConnect-5. How are you liking it so far? Worth all the anticipation and hype?
  7. BNeal

    Continental Terrain Contact A/T

    Only 18k miles on my Limited with the stock '22's and they are already down to the wear-bars. Would like something a little more aggressive than the stock tires, but don't want to sacrifice too much in terms of noise and mileage. Any opinions on the Continental A/T's? Also open to other...
  8. BNeal

    I just love this truck!

    I know there are many opinions regarding Ram Boxes, MFT, digital mirror, etc., but I just love the flexibility these options afford. The tailgate extender, the Ram Box takes up the slack from the ratchet strap, and the digital mirror gives me great visibility while the BakFlip covers up the rear...
  9. BNeal

    Preferred vendor list

    I have searched but can't find a preferred vendor list on this site. I will be in the market for new BakFlip once the new truck comes in. Is there a best place to buy?
  10. BNeal

    Frisco, TX Dodge dealer

    Can anyone recommend a trustworthy soul on the sales team at the Frisco store? I have already talked to Mark Dodge, but want to give these guys a shot before I go out of state. Thanks, Brad
  11. BNeal

    Ford Trucks at Kentucky Speedway

    So, what is Ford and other manufacturers doing the same thing, going to do with all those stored 2021 vehicles once the 22's start hitting the street? I assume the'll have to sell them as 21's and just mark them down.
  12. BNeal

    Dodge launching electric muscle car in 2024

    "Kuniskis said Dodge had reached the limits of performance with its V8 engines and that it has an "obligation to embrace" electrification for its customers." https://www.foxnews.com/auto/dodge-launching-electric-muscle-car-2024
  13. BNeal

    Full Tint

    Just got my truck back. Every pane of glass, including sunroof, got 35% ceramic. Full tint windshield - not sure what percentage, but I can tell it's a bit darker. No distortion on the windshield at all, although, he did say that polarized lenses won't be your friend. But he also said you...
  14. BNeal

    UConnect wifi - do you subscribe?

    Just wondering how many of you subscribe to your trucks wifi (for those that have it available). If so, why, if not, why not?
  15. BNeal

    Looking to dump SXM. Spotify Premium?

    I am pretty much done with SXM. Looking for high quality music and no commercials. Can't stand the DJ's on Sirius - I'd almost rather listen to commercials. Anyway, what is everyone's opinion of Spotify Premium for superior sound. I have a 21' Limited with the HK sounds system. Thanks, Brad
  16. BNeal

    Huffines Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM Plano, TX?

    So, my new 21 limited got hit out on I-75 and they won't total it. I don't think I want the truck back if I can find another that is similar. Huffines Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM Plano, TX is doing the repair, and I thought I would talk to them about a trade once the repairs are done. Still working...
  17. BNeal

    Who paid below/above MSRP for their TRX?

    Just curious who paid MSRP or over/under
  18. BNeal

    Trip meter reset

    Does anyone know if there is an easier way to reset the trip odo rather than having to dig through menu via the steering wheel buttons? Like is there a one-touch somewhere that I'm missing? Thx!
  19. BNeal

    2022 Grand Wagoneer - Wow!

    This thing is gorgeous!
  20. BNeal

    Ceramic windshield tint? (clear)

    Any feedback from those who have tried ceramic windshield coating? I live in TX and have been thinking about getting my windshield coated before the blast furnace firers up down here. So, what's the good, bad and ugly regarding this product? TIA! -Brad Edited title to say "Clear tint" in place...