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  1. jmt8706

    Radio was deleting set radio channels . I fixed it.

    I just did the update yesterday, hoping it works.
  2. jmt8706

    Radio presets keeps resetting

    My 8.4 did this again a couple days ago. I also got a "Uconnect box requires service" message that happened a few time on the way home the same day. They can play with it this week when it goes for an oil change.
  3. jmt8706

    Funny Memes or Pictures or Political, Rants, etc.

    Simple. No warrant, no talky talky.
  4. jmt8706

    Jan 6

    I haven't watched any of this farce.
  5. jmt8706

    June Uconnect Update

    Are we sure Microsoft isn't writing these updates? :ROFLMAO:
  6. jmt8706

    June Uconnect Update

    I've only gotten one since I've had my truck.
  7. jmt8706

    Koons Dealership Thread

    That is the kind of sales and finance guys that would get all of my future vehicle purchases.
  8. jmt8706

    Radio was deleting set radio channels . I fixed it.

    It will be back, it always comes back...
  9. jmt8706

    All things Firearms thread

    SGammo.com is where I buy my online ammo. They are a small family run supplier out of Oklahoma.
  10. jmt8706

    All things Firearms thread

    I was thinking of mounting a holster on the center console near my right leg. There seems to be enough room.
  11. jmt8706

    Cracked manifold issue

    I'd have the dealer cancel the order ans just buy some aftermarket headers.
  12. jmt8706

    Is blowing smoke on start up always something serious ?

    Maybe a bad valve seal. Just enough oil to sneak past when cold.
  13. jmt8706

    MDS.. on or off?

    I leave mine on, smooth as butter. I never feel it or hear it.
  14. jmt8706

    Upgrade 2019 RAM 1500 Infotainment to Uconnect 5

    A this point, I'd rather have my UC4 over the 5, nonstop radio issues.
  15. jmt8706

    Yes, a Dumb Question: Rear Diff Fluid

    I guess if you have time to do it now, not a bad idea to give it a shot like you said. (y)
  16. jmt8706

    Yes, a Dumb Question: Rear Diff Fluid

    20K miles is still pretty low, but do whatever you want, it's your money.
  17. jmt8706

    12.1 Radio Obsolete already!

    This UC5 is a downgrade compared to the UC4 I had in my Cherokee Trailhawk.
  18. jmt8706

    No need to contact ram chat anymore RAM BRAND VEHICLE ORDER TRACKING

    That's the new HFE weight savings edition. (y)
  19. jmt8706

    Memorial Day 2022 Sales