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  1. tolh13

    all weather floor mats for crew cab with the in-floor storage bins?

    The only cutout mine has is for the tie-down ring, you have to flip up the mat some to get to it, but it also hides the bins so not everyone knows you have them.
  2. tolh13

    Rambox Keyhole

    Not sure the problem with paint or plastic dip, probably never use a key on it, it for looks and if need be I can always redo it
  3. tolh13

    Rambox Keyhole

    Maybe as easy as masking off the area and some black spray paint?
  4. tolh13

    33gallon tank

    My diesel 33-gal tank only has 2 straps and is not molded to have 3.
  5. tolh13

    June Uconnect Update

    I did nothing, update stared on its own and restarted the radio and no Sirius radio anymore and no Exter pages for me and i do not have a Alfadb
  6. tolh13

    June Uconnect Update

    I got the Update to also but no extra pages but lost my Sirius radio, resent signal from Sirius but no radio.
  7. tolh13

    Oil change interesting (bad) info from dealer

    Found this and it looks like it is noy just mileage based The Ram Oil Change Indicator system is not a simple oil quality sensor, but a software-based, algorithm-driven device that takes into account various operating conditions of the engine - the engine size, engine revolutions, and even...
  8. tolh13

    Question Installing Factory Wheel Well Liners

    Rear Wheel Well Liners - Mopar (82216333AA) 2021-2022 Ram 1500 - 82216333aa I ordered them from an online Mopar dealer that was close to save on shipping. total paid 176.54. The local dealer wanted 299.99.
  9. tolh13

    Question Installing Factory Wheel Well Liners

    I do and Mopar wheel liners install as shown above but I do not believe any other brands will because our wells have just a little less depth
  10. tolh13

    ANC location stock 6 speaker system

    Do you have a Hemi? I believe only the hemi has an ANC.
  11. tolh13

    Cup holders?

    My 2019 was a crew cab with level 2 and the 2022 is also a crew cab with level B (level 2 minus power fold mirrors) and on the build sheet it is listed under optional Equpment but not sure which option
  12. tolh13

    Cup holders?

    My 2019 Bighorn and my 2022 Bighorn both have them in the fold down arm rest
  13. tolh13

    2021 eco diesel gas mileage

    2022 with 3.21 with the 33 gal tank 2WD and i get mid 26S in mostly city driving in south fl (very flat)
  14. tolh13

    What kind of speakers do I have?

    I would have to say changing the alpine/Mopar speakers made a Hugh change to me, I'm sure to some it will not be enough but for many it worth the a couple hundred dollars
  15. tolh13

    2021 Ram 2500 Laramie door speakers have no treble or mid-range

    Then the front doors are only bass the higher frequencies are not sent or blocked at the amp. I switched them out with so infinity reference 6x9 and it sounds tighter and less muddy to me. do a search for (9 speaker alpine) and you will find a lot of info on it from people that know much more...
  16. tolh13

    Fuel Gauge Question

    Take a look under your truck mine is a 33 gal and it runs from the def tank all the way to the back axle and has some writing on the back that probably will tell you which tank or what is your range when full and your avg MPG.
  17. tolh13

    2021 Ram 2500 Laramie door speakers have no treble or mid-range

    If it the alpine system (9 speakers) then the front door are only bass, mids and high are on the dash. back door are full range. if you have HK i believe the front door are component system and your mid and high are higher in the door.
  18. tolh13

    Who has not had issues with 3rd brake light leaking?

    3 years of a 2019 no leaks and 3 months of a 2022 no leaks
  19. tolh13

    Power folding mirrors hitting the window

    It was for my 2019 Big Horn, but ram solved this for my 2022 by not offing power fold mirrors on a Big Horn.
  20. tolh13

    Wheel liners and Rambox what fits?

    Yep both sides and all the hardware. Shipping is the expensive part, found the closest mopar dealer that discounted online to reduce shipping cost. My 3 local dealers wanted 250 for the same thing