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  1. James1414d

    It's on the warm side here in Portland

    LOL! A/C and seat ventilation is working overtime
  2. James1414d

    Has anyone other then me ordered a Bronco?

    I ordered a new Bronco Badlands 2 door with the 2.7/10sp auto. I got every option available. It wont be replacing my Longhorn, but my Mustang. Just curious if anyone else was on board.
  3. James1414d

    Snow pic

    Scraping the snow and ice away today and this popped up. Figured I'd shere :love:
  4. James1414d

    Push button stop goes to acc

    I searched to the best of my ability and could not find this issue. About 30% of the time, when I shut my truck off, it goes to ACC mode instead of OFF. Maybe I'm holding the button down? I dont think so though. Anyone else have this going on?
  5. James1414d

    Front mount hitch

    I had some people ask me to share some details about my front mount hitch. I'm very happy with it for my purposes, which is hauling my scooter. I had the carrier on the back, but then I wasnt able to open the tailgate so this was my solution. I was able to use the hitch and keep my tow hooks...
  6. James1414d

    No sound.......resolved

    Not a pleasant experience. I drove into the woods for a hike. Came back to find no sound. I was on SiriusXM and figured it was from the tree cover. I drove to a clear area with no change. Switched to FM, still no sound. I turned the truck off a couple times, no change. Kinda frustrated, I pulled...
  7. James1414d

    Nebraska Saint

    Maybe I'm the only one, but when I use navigation guidance it says Nebraska instead of N.E. (northeast) and saint instead of st. (Street). Kinda an eyeroller. I dont understand how it could have been overlooked.
  8. James1414d

    Would anyone with a Limited rather have a Longhorn grill?

    Longshot, I know. I just priced out a grill. They are around 1100$. Too rich for my blood.
  9. James1414d

    Beach pic

    Technically offroad:geek: tested out the E-locker, love it! Longbeach WA
  10. James1414d

    Favorite grille

    It's cool each model has it's own unique grille. Which is your fave? I have a Longhorn, but I think the Limited has the best grille. Laramie looks cool too!
  11. James1414d

    Brown Mopar slush mats pics

    Just got these and figured I'd share a pic. I wasn't sure if they would match the interior, but I'm liking them. Good fit too.
  12. James1414d

    Do you see many other gen 5's?

    Maybe it's because I live in Portland,OR, but I haven't seen another 2019 on the road at all.
  13. James1414d

    New happy Ram owner!

    Just picked this up. Laramie Longhorn. I'm coming from a 2015 Silverado. This Ram is better in almost every way so far! I do miss my rear bumper steps on the 'rado. Today I installed a 3.5" lift and 285/65/20 BFG's