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  1. DonsRam19


    Hey everybody just did a review on these lasfit LED fog light switchback bulbs go check out my video if you're interested! Thanks for watching!
  2. DonsRam19

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  3. DonsRam19

    Windshield leaking

    Hey guys I'm having a problem with my windshield leaking on the inside just wondering if anybody else is having this problem or maybe if this is a recall of some sort just find it very odd I've never had a vehicle do this before this is the factory windshield no cracks or anything
  4. DonsRam19

    Key fob battery replacement video

    Please like and subscribe thanks for watching!
  5. DonsRam19

    A/C hack video

    Like and subscribe if you find my videos helpful.
  6. DonsRam19

    Fumoto oil valve

    Installed the Fumoto oil valve awhile back and I love this valve it makes oil changes a breeze check out my video to see it in action well worth the $22 on amazon. If you like the video ive got plenty of other videos on my channel hit that like button and subscribe if you'd like! Thanks for the...
  7. DonsRam19

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Merry Christmas everyone Hope you had a good one!!!
  8. DonsRam19

    2019+ Ram Videos

    Install videos and reviews More coming soon! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfDkjyA9gDOuUGLrWanJkdA
  9. DonsRam19

    Install Videos

    Hey guys as many of you already know I've been making install videos of lots of upgrades and modifications for our trucks. I'm always up for suggestions of different parts to install on our trucks so if you have any suggestions please let me know. If you like my videos please subscribe! Thank...
  10. DonsRam19

    Tow Hook Install Video

    Here's a quick video to show you how to install the OEM tow hooks along with the links to the tow hooks and the OEM tow hook bezels.
  11. DonsRam19

    Fuel rail cover

    Hey guys I had my fuel rail cover fall off the other day(I found it and put it back on) has anyone had this happen before?
  12. DonsRam19

    2.5" Motofab lift with 35" ridge grapplers

    Before and after pics. Ram 1500 2wd bighorn 2.5" motofab lift with 35/11.50 ridge grapplers on 20" Laramie wheels.
  13. DonsRam19

    A/C "HACK"

  14. DonsRam19

    Anybody running Cooper at/3 xlt's?

    Looking at different tires and found the Cooper at/3 xlt's they look great just wondering about ride quality and wear?
  15. DonsRam19

    Exhaust tip adjustment

    Made a video on how to adjust your stock exhaust tips. I also have more videos of our trucks on my YouTube page so if your interested please subscribe. Thank you.
  16. DonsRam19

    2.5" motofab lift w/Mopar lift ucas

    I have some 2.5" motofab spacers My question is if I buy the Mopar uca's that come with the Mopar 2" lift kit should I be okay? Has anyone else done this set up?
  17. DonsRam19

    Remote start question

    Hey everyone I found someone selling 2 brand new key fobs and a new module and it has remote start.my truck does not have remote start so If I were to buy and install this module would I now have remote start? Or is there more to it then that?
  18. DonsRam19


    Here's my YouTube channel for videos of aftermarket parts and other vehicle accessory videos please Subscribe if you would like more videos added weekly thank you! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfDkjyA9gDOuUGLrWanJkdA Here's a video of the aFe magnum cold air intake Here's a install video...
  19. DonsRam19

    Interior led bulbs

    Hey everybody I recently ordered a complete kit that comes with all the interior LEDs bulbs we need for our trucks so no hassle finding all the bulb sizes and finding reliable led brands you order all the bulbs at once it's $20 shipped. Here's a video of before and after install plus tips for...
  20. DonsRam19

    aFe power deal

    aFe power is running $50 off there intakes now until the 16th of February they have cold air intake for the 5th gen Rams.