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  1. bigdodge

    uConnect 5 in the 2022 Ram 1500 | Setting up Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and more!

    found this maybe new posters can use it
  2. bigdodge

    will these members ever get their truck?

    nlflores RAMTRX NN100555 DanZman RAMTRX NN101889 jdjohnson35 RAMTRX NN101960 Finley 5THGEN NN102292 hankwedge RAMTRX NN103756 Styx RAMTRX NN118257 hector901123 RAMTRX NN119044 Stevewoz88 RAMTRX NN119708 Smithlink RAMTRX NN119740 Adahy RAMTRX NN120676 chris_puck_33 RAMTRX...
  3. bigdodge

    do all 5th gen 1500 rams have dual exhaust?

    wife was wondering because she saw a 1500 5th gen with a single exhaust at least she believed it to be a 5th gen post your pictures
  4. bigdodge

    No need to contact ram chat anymore RAM BRAND VEHICLE ORDER TRACKING

    RAM BRAND VEHICLE ORDER TRACKING Enter your vehicle’s order number and the last name associated with the order to track the status of your vehicle. Please contact your dealership if you don’t have this information...
  5. bigdodge

    This person needs a pickup

    Altima with wood out the windows smashes suv and keeps going
  6. bigdodge

    have the non-nav 8.4 inch screen

    and was wondering if the clock can be moved to the "home screen" which would make it larger. any ideas?
  7. bigdodge

    I'm sure redriderbob will post this in the news section but in case you missed this part

    "For its North American United Auto Workers (UAW) workforce, the union employees will receive a profit-sharing check of $14,670 (before taxes) due to the results in 2021. It marks the largest profit-sharing amount that the Chrysler Group has had in the past 35 years. That is an increase of...
  8. bigdodge

    Anyone have a Ravelco anti theft device

    any member here have a Ravelco installed on any vehicle you own? do you like it? has there been any attempt to steal the vehicle?. does the location of the device get in the way? the web site shows a 2022 ram and it looks like it might be in the way https://www.ravelco.com/index.html 2022 ram...
  9. bigdodge

    cargo ship catches fire do you know anyone who purchased a VW or a Porsche

    and are waiting for it to be imported because if it is on this ship you may not get it https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a39123584/cargo-ship-porsche-vw-fire-atlantic/
  10. bigdodge

    Just trying to have some fun

    My son has a 4X4 that see's the dirt on a regular basis (not a ram :( ) I do not have a 4X4 so my truck does not see the dirt out of 2406 members only 56 have a 4X2 like me so my question is how many of you have a pavement princess (a 4X4 that has all the equipment but never sees the dirt)...
  11. bigdodge

    information on how vehicles (trucks) are transported by rail

    What Is an Autorack Rail Car? from Aug 2021 https://www.up.com/customers/track-record/tr081021-what-is-an-autorack-rail-car.htm
  12. bigdodge

    can anyone answer

    what is the difference between uconnect and ram connect? what is the cost for each of those?
  13. bigdodge

    has anyone had any of this completed?

    Dodge Announces New Vehicle Theft-protection Measures - 8/12/2021 9:21 PM ** Enhanced Security Valet Mode ** Beginning Monday, August 16, the system will be available on request at Dodge dealers as a flash software upgrade, free of charge for 2021. Earlier this year, the Dodge brand...
  14. bigdodge

    list of sales codes can be used for alphaobd

    for anyone interested http://starparts.chrysler.com/starlibrary/reference_docs/salescode.pdf
  15. bigdodge

    looks like SHAP will be working 6 days a week in 2022

    because this calendar shows 6 days a week http://www.guestraunt.com/shap/
  16. bigdodge

    Behind the Scenes: A Look at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Manufacturing

    Sterling Heights Assembly Plant – Sterling Heights, Michigan Year Opened: 1954 Facility Size: 5.0 million square feet on 286 acres Total Employees: 7,841 Products: RAM 1500 Quad Cab and Crew Cab last article watch video...
  17. bigdodge

    Tesla Model S EXPLOSION!! 30kg (66 pounds) of dynamite!

    "When faced with a repair bill that costs half of what you paid for your car, do you go through with the expensive repair, bring it to the junkyard, or sell it for parts? Finnish Tesla owner Tuomas Katainen decided to do something a little more extreme — but arguably a lot more satisfying — when...
  18. bigdodge

    anyone in the east area of alabama near shorter contact your dealer

    https://whnt.com/news/two-train-cars-full-of-vehicles-burn-in-east-alabama/ Two train cars full of vehicles burn in east Alabama
  19. bigdodge

    anyone take the small mud flaps off

    and put better mud flaps on?