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  1. Pyleketerson

    4WD clunk then disengaging

    New one for me. Lots of snow on the ground lately. A few days ago I put the truck in 4WD High and it engaged fine, I think. Hit my first stop sign, turned right, and the front end lurched and clunked repeatedly until 4WD disengaged. Now it’s doing it every time. The odd thing there is no warning...
  2. Pyleketerson

    Add your location to your signature

    Hi all. As I’m reading threads I’m thinking it would be a nice addition to include in your signature where you are located. So many times the first question on the forum is “well it depends, where are you located?” Plus it’s fun to see who’s interacting where they are in our great country. Just...
  3. Pyleketerson

    Wireless CarPlay Dongle is Garbage

    For those who have it, does anyone else just hate this thing? It’s so finicky and unreliable. Half the time it doesn’t connect. Maybe I’m missing something. I’ve resorted back to plugging in my phone, which is just fine. First world problems.
  4. Pyleketerson

    Bed rattle over bumps

    Hi all. Just picked up a 2020 BTS and loving it. Quick question, though: whenever I hit a bump in the road my bed seems to “jump” and make a slight banging noise. Could there be a bolt loose back there? Anyone else had this happen? Just starting to try and figure this out. Searched and couldn’t...
  5. Pyleketerson

    Crazy - thinking of going GMC 1500 AT4

    I have posted quite a bit here; I have a 2019 Ram 1500 Crew Cab Laramie that I really like. I have now owned it for two years with zero issues. I put a spacer leveling kit on it, and the more off-roading I do, the more I'm not liking the ride and afraid my ball joints are at risk. So...to that...
  6. Pyleketerson

    Nitto Exo Grappler - snow rating/AT

    For those of you who live and drive in winter conditions...curious if anyone has these? With all the talk about KO2’s and Duratracs as aggressive AT tires with the snowflake rating, I haven’t heard much about the Exo Grapplers. Never had Nitto tires but like what they are doing and people seem...
  7. Pyleketerson

    285/65/20 and 2” level - wheel spacers?

    Alright this question has been burning for awhile now and I can’t seem to find a good answer. I have a Laramie crew with the ReadyLift 2” leveling kit and 285/65/20 BFG KO2’s. I actually like the OEM Laramie wheels and would like to keep them, however I’m still looking for that more aggressive...
  8. Pyleketerson

    Dented bed panel replacement - FCA says no ETA!

    So...someone backed in to my truck while I was out on a mountain bike ride. She was nice enough to wait for me to return and we exchanged information. Her insurance, Progressive, has been great to work with. The only problem is FCA states there is no ETA for a replacement panel! I’ve been...
  9. Pyleketerson

    10,000 Miles! Update...

    Well, somehow managed to hit 10,000 miles yesterday. Purchased my truck in July 2018 and love every minute driving it. Lots of winter driving here in the Cascade Mountains and it’s handled beautifully. Snow, ice, crud...you name it. Also lots of switching between 2wd/4wd auto/4w high and I can...