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  1. J

    Dash cam mirror tap: safe for Rams with radar cruise/automatic highbeams?

    Hi all, I’d like to get a dash cam. I like the idea of tapping the rearview mirror power, like the one below, for a clean install. Does anyone know if the mirror tap is safe for Rams with radar cruise/automatic highbeams? I think the sensor for those features is incorporated into the rearview...
  2. J

    Kids highback booster that works in *middle* seat?

    Hi folks, I recently bought a Chicco Kidfit highback booster, but it doesn’t fit in the Ram’s middle rear seat (2021 Laramie Crew Cab) due to the design (the Ram has a bulge at the base of the middle seat that prevents good contact between the back of the booster and the back of the Ram seat)...
  3. J

    UConnect subscription renewal: cheapest way?

    Hi folks, I’ve had my 2021 Ram for a year and my Uconnect subscription is about to expire. I use remote start via app a lot, so I need to renew. Any tips/tricks on getting the renewal as cheaply as possible? My app told me to call their customer service number to renew and I want to be...
  4. J

    Too easy to accidentally switch 4WD/2WD.

    Anyone find that they accidentally switch themselves out their desired drive mode? It’s easy to switch accidentally since the buttons touch the transmission knob. I run in 4WD auto almost all the time. But periodically I hit the gas at a right turn and the rear tires spin because I accidentally...
  5. J

    How much are you paying for oil change+tire rotation?

    Took my Ram in for an oil change plus tire rotation last week and cost is around $150 after taxes and fees. Seems steep! How much are you paying? Thanks!
  6. J

    What to buy: bed rug or rubber bed mat?

    Hi all, I have the factory spray-in liner, but it is scraping up my stuff. I don’t carry heavy duty stuff like rocks or lumber. Most common things in the truck bed is luggage, inflatable paddle board, and my bike. What do you guys recommend for my needs: bed rug or bed mat? Thank you!
  7. J

    Former F-150 owners: what do you miss?

    I’m guessing there are quite a few former F-150 owners on here. What do you miss? I prefer my Ram in almost every way, with the following exceptions: 1) A/C performance. It’s been beaten to death on here, but even compared with 2021 Rams, the Ford’s A/C is markedly better. 2) Quietness. Ram...
  8. J

    Ram vs semi truck crash.

    Ram did more damage to the semi than I would have expected. Passenger cabin of the Ram looks impressively intact too. Driver did not survive though, so I suspect either unbelted driver or a direct head on collision that reduced cabin intrusion but resulted in ultra-high deceleration forces...
  9. J

    Got over the air update for Uconnect 8.4C. Anyone know what changed?

    Got the alert that an update would be downloaded to the Ram. Anyone know what might have changed? Thanks!
  10. J

    Any power outlets outside of the passenger cabin?

    Hi all, I wanted to inflate a pool-type inner tube today using a power operated inflation pump. As far as I can tell, there are no power plugs outside the vehicle. Is this correct? I had to plug it into the 12V outlet at the top of the dash which was a bit inconvenient, so would be nice if...
  11. J

    Gas stations that stop the pump at $100: not cool.

    Gas prices are high, and my tank holds 33 gallons. Lately I’ve been to two separate gas stations that stop the pump at $100 (a 7/11 and an Arco). It takes away some of the awesomeness of the 33 gallon tank! And the F-150 drivers with the 36 gallon tank must really hate it.
  12. J

    Lack of keyless entry sensors on rear doors still annoying AF 6 months into ownership.

    Happy with my Ram but am still annoyed that Ram cheaped out by not including keyless entry sensors on the rear doors. Even ignoring times when I have rear seat passengers, I use my rear seat a lot for storing stuff. While I usually remember to touch the front door handles first before opening...
  13. J

    Auto climate control: does your fan speed always run high?

    In my past cars, the A/C would run on max and lowest temperature until the car cooled down to the set temp (say, 70 degrees), and then the fan speed would drop to 1 while keeping the air temp cold to "trickle" cold air and keep the cabin temp constant. In my Ram, instead of trickling very cold...
  14. J

    Screen protector for 8.4” screen: worth it?

    Hi all, I left the factory screen protector on my 8.4” screen. Touch response is pretty good, but I suspect it is slightly diminished by the screen protector. I am thinking about taking it off. Has anyone had issues with scratches after taking it off?
  15. J

    The window sun visor needs to be 2” longer.

    Because it’s too short and leaves a gap. That is all.
  16. J

    Stake pocket covers -- useful?

    Hi all, I don't think I will ever use the stake pockets in the truck bed. I see they sell stake pocket covers. Any good reason to put these on rather than leacing the stake pockets open? Thanks!
  17. J

    Lower volume for the turn signal?

    I find the sound the turn signal makes to be overly fast, overly loud, and a bit cheap sounding. Perhaps it’s more obvious because the Ram is very quiet inside. Anyway, I assume there’s no way to make it click more slowly, but is there a way to turn down the volume? Thanks!
  18. J

    Using 4WD auto 24/7/365: any downside?

    Hi all, Is there any downside to always running the car in 4WD auto, even in the summer? I know I take a small hit on fuel economy, but what about long term durability? Not sure if I am wearing down the system prematurely by doing this.
  19. J

    Get tint strip on top windshield: yea or nay?

    Hi all, I tinted my side and back windows, but am wondering if I should also get a strip of tint on the upper part of the windshield (above the “AS1 line” is legal here). Are you glad you got this area tinted, or did you leave it as-is. Am wondering if it will decrease my visibility. Example:
  20. J

    Does your CarPlay music resume playing after you give Siri a voice command?

    In my other vehicles, if I have music playing on CarPlay, and I use the steering wheel button to give Siri a vice command, the music resumes playing right afterward. In my Ram, I have to manually press play again to get the music to restart. 1) Is this normal behavior? 2) Does your screen in...