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    Get the Best Price on a Factory Extended Warranty

    They are going for 8 years but only 85,000 miles. More miles runs the cost up fast.
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    Texas shooting

    You and your kind are the problem, do nothing feel good bull crap artists.
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    Your liability when your vehicle is at the dealer

    Damn what a arcane law I certainly hope it's not that way here (NY).
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    TSB #24-001-20 A/C Fix. Has anyone had it done yet? Plus are you happy with the results?

    Ah heck just swap it out for R290 and enjoy the cool.
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    Tan Interiors in new Laramie?

    My 15 Big Horn had the gray interior, my 19 Laramie has the tan much nicer. I really dislike black interiors, they show the dust and dirt too much.
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    Car Wash

    Well heck, just to keep the conversation going good I've been running all my trucks through the brush and moving shammie type carwash for at least 25 years now. At one time it was almost every other day and in the winter months 3-5 times a week. That was when it was close by in my travels now...
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    Looking for a new shotgun

    For a traveling gun I would agree with the shotgun, but I'd want a magazine fed gun. Should be much faster to load and easier to have unloaded if need be. The first two in this artivle sound good and wouldn't look to scary with 3-5 round mags, and the 10-20 rounders could be tucked well out of...
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    New info on Gas tank fueling issue

    Then in that case bud they should have taken it right back into the shop.
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    New info on Gas tank fueling issue

    As far as a fuel gauge reading empty when installing a new tank, heck yes it's going to read empty untill someone fills it. So unless the mechanis took it to a station and put in so certain amount it would read empty. I would expect that they would only pour a 2-3 gallon cans worth when...
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    Flat bed towing question.

    That is the procedure to get the transfercase into neutral, the transmission requires a different method depending on which transmission, usually the method shown in post#5
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    Well finally decided it was time to get the studded snows off the pickup and get the AT's back on. Still have to do my wifes little Jeep and then get them washed and put away till fall. Time to take a run to town and let the TPMS all reset and swing by the Post Office.
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    4 ply mud terrains

    depends on the size desired.
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    Anyone familiar with the "Aux Cab Heater" used on the eco-diesels?

    I never found mine on my "15" eco, and I don't think I ever got any usable heat from them. The block heater worked and got me heat much faster.
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    Anti-Spin Diff vs. E-Locker

    I replied to an early comment with almost exactly the same comment, next winter when the driveway has a coating of slick snow or ice if you care to show me you would be most welcome after you sign a release from all the damages your truck would sustain making an extremely tight turn of about 120...
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    AGM or Lead Acid Battery

    This is comparing deep cycle batterys NOT starting batteries
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    AGM or Lead Acid Battery

    Wow 120 posts on batteries, lots of comments on how much better AGM's are over old fashioned Flooded Lead Acid batteries and several posts pushing Lithium batteries . Not once did I see a comment on why everyone thinks the AGM batteries are so superior. Oh and by the way they are both lead acid...
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    New Order Laramie - No reclining rear seats?

    My "19" Laramie has the reclining seat and the passenger side is slide out all the time for my dog. She was a bit put out when we put my grand daughters casr seat on the passenger side and all she got was the drivers side.
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    Vanity Plates

    I have always wondered about people that hide their plates in pictures, never saw the need for it myself.
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    Anti-Spin Diff vs. E-Locker

    Yea, I grew up without traction control and all the other stuff also. However with good snow tires on all the way around in the winter when I engage the diff lock in my driveway I need to disengage it for the 2 sharp turns or it will push the truck out of the turn. The LSD's did the same also...
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    Very Confused About Transfer Cases

    Also that video of the RAM getting all twisted up on that paved curbing and lifting tires in the air is NOT demonstrating the transfer case, it is demonstrating the brake activated traction control system.