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    New front fenders

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    New front fenders

    Anybody know a place to get replacement fenders/sheet metal for a 2nd gen with reasonable price and shipping?
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    Gas mileage of a 2021 ram 1500 5.7

    I do 50 mile round trip with the same truck you're looking at at 75-80 i average 15.5 -16,if i keep it to 65-70 ill average 18+
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    1500 Laramie set up to be towed behind Motorhome

    Wow nice setup, I'm thinking about a DP for my next RV good to know the ram makes a good toad
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    1500 Laramie set up to be towed behind Motorhome

    How does it feel towing a pu behind the MH ? What size/kind of MH?
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    New Member Looking at '22 Ram 1500

    These trucks come with the studs mounted under the truck so any aftermarket boards should fit.
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    Spark plug coil gone bad

    just got it back,the dealer claims it needed a computer update,idk,it runs perfect again.
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    Spark plug coil gone bad

    18900 miles and mine started with a rough idle/skip and CEL,at the dealer this morning, hopefully it's resolved.
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    Weekend Camping

    Wow, delivered sleds up there a few years ago, beautiful but cold !
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    Weekend Camping

    Where's that ,looks nice and secluded.
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    First time poster, couple day stalker

    Wheres the pictures?
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    Borla Exhaust

    Probably subcontracting their manufacturing to a 3rd party to increase their profit, id also bet they're selling on Amazon which gets their cut the instant you hit the purchase button. Quality is gone in history.
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    Borla Exhaust

    My experience with the aftermarket is its usually a little off,the pics you posted show a kit not designed for your truck, or possibly something installed wrong, Borla is a big reputable company, fit wouldn't be that bad.
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    Borla Exhaust

    Seems like something it mounted backwards to have that much misalignment issues
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    Nauset Beach Day

    RI only allows for driving on one beach for the whole state that I know of, but you can camp there,you have to have 4x4 and be self contained.
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    Confirmed: Ram 1500 Electric Pickup Coming in 2024

    I wouldn't by a first year vehicle, too many problems.
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    Hello from South Carolina

    I hear ya, I went from SS Camaro to a Bighorn.
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    Custom Offsets Veterans Discount

    Try PK Autodesign,he gave me a good deal on some steamroller sized wheel & tire pkg.for my Camaro a while back.
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    Hello from South Carolina

    Why did you give up the Challenger?
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    What up 5th gens!!??

    Your done...the cancel police are on the way!!!