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  1. ripvanhalen

    Ram 1500 Classic Returns For 2022 With These Changes:

    Regular cab, 8ft bed, <$
  2. ripvanhalen

    Positive equity at lease end!

    Did this on a 2018 Ram Classic lease last summer. Did not try Carmax. Tried a couple local dealers and they were not interested, or would not touch it. Carvana gave the best offer, but they would only buy it if there was at least 60days left on lease. I waited until less than 30 days so...
  3. ripvanhalen

    Ram 1500 Will Get A New G/T Package For The 2022 Model Year!

    Missed the deadline for ordering a 2021 a couple weeks ago, so GT and the Back Country announcement from a few days ago are very interesting. Can't wait to see pricing for those packages.
  4. ripvanhalen

    Uconnect 5 Software Will Be Coming To The 2022 Ram 1500 Lineup:

    Any insider info about when 2022 options/pricing will be announced? My 2021 order could not be placed a couple weeks ago (missed the shutdown by 1 day). Sales person said 2022 ordering showed up in her system last week but without pricing (others on here also said same thing).
  5. ripvanhalen

    DIY Vinyl Wrap

    Looks good :)
  6. ripvanhalen

    SE Michigan Dealers

    Didn't see any other posts with this question... Any recommendations on "good" RAM dealer experiences in SE Michigan. "Good" meaning straight shooter, honest, sales staff.
  7. ripvanhalen

    2022 Orders are open

    Bummer, my 2021 dealer order also would not go through on May 6. But dealer had no clue about when 2022 orders would open.
  8. ripvanhalen

    Hemi Pricing

    I spent the last few weeks building up the perfect (for me) Laramie on the Ram site, went to dealer after work today, and they could not order it. They said that FCA stopped taking orders on 2021's today! Called another dealer and they confirmed no more new orders... Not a happy day...
  9. ripvanhalen

    Hemi Pricing

    The Ram build web site shows Hemi (no e-torque) is $1795. Dealer worked up a build sheet for me that shows $2295 for Hemi. All the other option prices in the build sheet match the Ram build site. The dealer could not explain the $500 difference in Hemi price. Anybody else experience this or...
  10. ripvanhalen

    level a interior

    Some clever people designed the option combinations....why do we have to order a Laramie option package just to get rear wheel well liners? Why do we have to bump up to Laramie level B to get power side steps? It all adds up $$$
  11. ripvanhalen

    Side Step/Rail any help with bed access?

    Hi, Getting ready to order a 2021 and have a question for those that might have this combination. Looking at Laramie Quad cab and can not find any good pictures of the side step/rail options. I had a 2018 Ram Classic and was not easy to reach into front part of the bed, so want to try to take...
  12. ripvanhalen

    3rd Ram Truck

    That color looks good.
  13. ripvanhalen

    Sport Package

    Hi All, - Sold a 2003 Dakota in 2018 that was rusted away, not so easy to live w/o a truck since then... - Getting ready to order a new 1500 and have learned a lot from the forum the last few weeks... - Really like the Laramie and have a couple questions for those that have one: - The Laramie...